Monday, February 5, 2018

Cyprus Elections : 21,846 Greeks of Cyprus passed to the National Resistance

The President of the National People's Front, Christos Christou, after  the counting of the election result, where 21,846 Greeks of Cyprus passed to the National Resistance, supporting ELAM's candidacy for the Presidential Election by securing 5.65%, proceeded to the following statement in the mass media:

"I would like to thank the thousands of our compatriots who have supported us and have achieved this great victory today. We fought against the parties of the establishment and we secured a respectable percentage. Those people who have trusted us today have to know that we will represent them worthy and will continue our fair political struggle.

The problems of our country remain on the table. Our people require solutions to what they face every day.

We are a party that always sends the message of unity to Cypriot Hellenism. So today,  we are given the right to call on the Cypriot Hellenism to be united in front of the common problems."