Saturday, May 7, 2016

PARIS - FORUM DE L'EUROPE - The intervention of E.LA.M.

Dear French and European friends,

We are sending you warm greetings from Cyprus.
This Hellenic island, as you already know, remains under Turkish occupation.
In 1974, Turkish army invaded Cyprus and with the help of Turkish Cypriots committed crimes against humanity.
Not only did they pay for what they had done but also the E.U has been trying to help Turkey enter into Europe.
40% of the Hellenic and European soil of Cyprus is under Turkish occupation.

Furthermore the role of Turkey nowadays hasn’t changed.  Erdogan funds ISIS with the support of Saudi Arabia. Among many atrocities, ISIS brought terror throughout our continent.
We all saw what had happened in Paris and in Brussels. Our thoughts are with the victims, their relatives and friends. Innocent lives were sacrificed at the heart of Europe.
As a consequence we don’t want Turkey into the E.U.  Moreover we demand mass deportation of all illegal immigrants from the European soil.
Hellas suffers from illegal immigration when simultaneously is under attack by the International Monetary Fund.
E.LA.M. fights with you, the Nationalists of Europe for a continent of the Nations, for our civilizations and our identities and heritage.
Dear friends, on the 22nd of May, E.LA.M. is giving the battle of the parliamentary elections in Cyprus.
The political establishment is doing every possible act to stop our march to success.
It has already doubled the limit for the entrance to the Parliament to 3,6%.  The media ignore us. They don’t show our candidates and don’t cover our pre electoral campaign.
But you know what? They can not stop us. On the 22nd of May they will all describe the bad surprise for the establishment.
Together with the nationalist movements of APF and with our Russian brothers, we will bring into the light those ideals that no one could hide, in the past and in the present.

Many greetings from E.LA.M.

Vive la France,

Defend Europe.

Stratos Karanikolaou

E.LA.M. - Foreign Relations