Wednesday, April 20, 2016

E.LA.M. - Presentation of the nationalist candidates

Επίσημη πρώτη των υποψηφίων του ΕΛΑΜ! Με φόρα για είσοδο στη Βουλή

The National People’s Front presented  in a press conference, that was held today in Lefcosia, the nationalist candidates that will run for the parliamentary elections on May 22.

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The president of the Movement, Christos Christou, by his speech, sent to the Hellenes of Cyprus the message that they have an option to vote for and simultaneously to punish the parties of the Cypriot political establishment.

The candidates per province are:


Christos Christou
Apostolou Apostolakis
Geadis Geadi
Andreas Gialouridis
Eracleous Andreas
Ioannou Aggelos
Kalogeri Maria
Koundoureshis Petros
Kritikos Alexandros
Loizidis Kyriakos
Ttakas Charalambos
Hadjioannou Giorgos (sifu)
Hadjipanagi Artemis


Andreou Andreas (Gerasas)
Vasiliadis Kostakis
Georgiou Andreas (Handriotis)
Ioannou Giannos  (Romios)
Nearchou Stylianos
Nicolaou Charalambos (Haris)
Panagidis Michalis
Charalambous Marios
Christodoulou Michalis


Dionisiou Arestis
Theofilaktou Andreas
Papagiannis Linos
Tsaggaris Daniel


Andreou Despina (Kasapi)
Vrahimis Michalis
Eracleous Manoli Giorgos
Ierodiakonou Maria


Vasiliou Marios
Michael Michalakis
Papantoniou Anna


Pitsillidis Alexis 

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