Saturday, March 12, 2016

Thank you, Mr Synadinos

Ευχαριστούμε τον κ. Συναδινό

On the occasion of the  speech in the Europarliament, of  MEP (Golden Dawn) E. Synadinos, as National Popular Front we can state our full support to what the General had said against Turkey.

Additionally, as Greeks of Cyprus we have every reason to believe  that the turks are  barbarians, because we have suffered in our own skin that barbarism.

This Asian nation has invaded Cyprus, killed, captured, disappeared, tortured, raped the Hellenic element and expelled it  from its ancestral home.

Today 40% of Cypriot and  European territory  is under turkish occupation, as well as other Greek homelands, when at the same time, turkish armed forces continue to cause tension at the Aegean Sea and Cypriot EEZ.

Furthermore , the turkish state favours in every way the flow of refugees and illegal immigrants to Hellas, thereby creating an explosive situation, in the internal of  our Motherland.

In conclusion,  we have every reason as Greek  nationalists of Cyprus to thank Mr. Synadinos for the truths he said, as well as the People's Association Golden Dawn for its support on issues that have been plaguing for years, the Hellenism of Cyprus.

International Relations Department - E.LA.M