Friday, March 11, 2016

General Synadinos: The Turks are Barbarians and Dogs

A short time ago, an unprecedented event occurred in the European Parliament, which demonstrates just how Turk-loving, anti-Hellenic and naturally how undemocratic the heads of the EU are.
The laughable president of European Parliament, Shultz called for the expulsion of General Eleftherios Synadinos, a Golden Dawn MEP, because he was bothered by his powerful speech on illegal immigration.
General Synadinos: “The Turks are barbarians and dogs”

Eleftherios Synadinos: “Mr. President, the day before yesterday a summit was held between the European Union and Turkey. The results of this weren’t just disappointing, but a diplomatic Waterloo for the Union leaders. Twenty-eight Turk-loving leaders with dwarf stature sat and listened to a cruel blackmailer, a common crook, Davutoglu, imposing conditions for surrender and submission.
I will mention four of the unacceptable conditions of which he imposed: Three billion euros in additional funding, more favorable visa grants, first evacuate the refugees to the Greek islands and then the illegal immigrants can be returned, the immediate fast-tracking of the accession process.
Gentlemen, as Ottomans scholars have written: The Turk is a spiritual barbarian, doesn’t respect god, a fraud and dirty. The Turk is like a dog; he acts wild until he has to face his adversary, then he runs away. The only effective way to deal with the Turk is with a fist and determination. But such qualities are absent from the elected and non-elected political leaders of Europe. You’ve sold yourselves out to the Ottoman Erdogan.”
In particular, the Turk-worshipper, Shultz became enraged when he heard the following – documented and historically correct – phrases from the General: “As Ottomans scholars have written, The Turks are barbarians and dirty, they are like dogs which bark until the adversary answers then they take-off.”
The insolent Schultz said: “In accordance to article 165 of the EU, this was blatant violation of human rights to which the EU is committed too. Here there is an effort to cross red lines, so that racism is accepted. Therefore, under Article 165 of the regulation and in conjunction with Article 11, Mr. Synadinos, is expelled from the debate and the chamber.”
Strong opposition followed not only from the fellow comrades – Golden Dawn MEPs, but also from Jean Marie Le Pen and all the EU groups made up of national parties, which support our Homeland. The fight against the anti-Hellenic and Turk-loving EU continues.
YES to the Europe of Fatherlands – YES to a Greater Greece