Friday, March 4, 2016

Alliance for Peace and Freedom and Civitas organise important conference on the 19th of March

On the 19th of March The Alliance for Peace and Freedom will organise an important conference together with Civitas on the topic “From the war in the Middle East to immigration and terrorism in Europe”.

The conference will be held at the Grenelle Forum in Paris and will start at 14.00 and end at 18.00. Several prominent speakers will attend the meeting, which will also include book stands and book signings.
The entrance fee for the conference is only 5 euros.
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The speaker list and subjects:
Introduction by Roberto Fiore, President of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF).
“The remodeling globalist plan for Middle East borders” – Pierre Hillard, geopolitics, former Professor in International Relations.
“What we are experiencing today in Syria” – Agnès-Mariam Cross Mother, head of the Qara monastery in Syria.
“The Lebanese spark” – Elie Hatem, attorney at law, Doctor of Law and a lecturer at the Faculty Royalty Law, Economics and Management in Paris.
“The role of Wahhabism” – Jean-Michel Vernochet, journalist and geopolitics.
“Terrorism: The Clash of Civilisations instrument in the service of Zionism” – Youssef Hindi, Moroccan writer and historian.
“Russia’s commitment against terrorism” – Alexander Marchenko, Counsellor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in France.
“Chaos in the Middle East and Europe: The responsibilities of the French Government” – Damien Viguier, member of the Bars of Ain and Geneva, doctor in private law and criminal sciences, responsible for university education.
“The migratory consequences” – Jean-Marie Le Pen, MEP.
Conclusion by Alain Escada, President of Civitas.