Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lefcosia : Cyprus - Russia Conference

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Hundreds of nationalists attended the conference " Cyprus - Russia - Orthodoxy". The event took place on Friday 19 February, at "Europa Plaza Hotel", in Lefcosia, the last divided European capital.

Mr. George Hadjioannou, as the head of Lefcosia district, greeted our guest, the Russian MP, of the " United Russia", ruling party, Mr. Milonov.

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Then Mr. Marios Vasiliou, member of the political council and candidate at Paphos region, analysed the current developments, in Middle East, emphasizing the leading role of Russia.

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Mr. Marios Vasiliou

 Mr. Marios Fotiou, president of the  Cyprus- Russia Association  of Culture, Entrepreneurship and Orthodoxy, said that the Russian Federation can play an important role in the effort of Cyprus to regain from Turkey everything that has been lost in the past years.

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Mr. Marios Fotiou

It was the turn of the honorary guest, MP Vitaly Milonov, who referred to the need of cooperation between Russia and Cyprus. He expressed the  belief that a country without national and religious elements can not survive. He also wished that the patriotic forces should be reinforced during the May elections.

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Mr. Vitaly Milonov.

The president of E.LA.M., Christos Christou, emphasized on the  weak foreign policy of the last Cypriot governments. The nationalist movement will do that because it is the last barrier of resistance for Hellenism in Cyprus.

The event ended with the national anthems of Russia and Hellas.

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Christos Christou, the president of E.LA.M.

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