Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Cyprus - Russia - Orthodoxy".

On Friday, February 19th,  at 20:00, in the Plaza Europa Hotel in Nicosia, the National People's Front  will hold a conference with the title "Cyprus - Russia - Orthodoxy".
Our honorary guest and speaker will be a member of the ruling party "United Russia", Mr. Vitaly Valentinovits Milanof, a faithful  friend of Orthodoxy, Cyprus and Hellenism.

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The event will include lectures on the following topics:

• The Common Orthodox values ​​that connect Cyprus and Russian peoples.

• The military action by Russia against the ISIS in Syria.

• Cyprus Political Problem - How Russia can be involved.

• Suggestions for further tightening Cyprus - Russia relations at all levels.

The important  event will be attended by Mr. Christos Christou chairman of the National People's Front (E.LA.M), members of the Political Council, members of all District Committees, candidates MPs, as well as, the Youth Front of the National People's Front (E. .LA.M.).