Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spain - Blanquerna Trial

Last Monday, January 18, it has begun the trial against the Spanish comrades who interrupted a Catalan-separatist commemoration, on September 11, 2013.
This annual Catalan-separatist commemoration takes place in the Library Blanquerna, a so-called “catalan cultural center” in the heart of Madrid.
It is organized by the worst kind of Masons and traitors to Spain, encouraging the destruction of Spain and releasing messages against the Spanish people, and no Government since 1975 has done anything in this regard to prevent this Act of hispanophobia.
On September 11, the Catalan-separatists are supposed to commemorate what happened on September 11, 1714, when, according to them, the “evil Spaniards” invaded Catalonia and destroyed the Catalan political institutions.
In reality, Catalonia was just another region of Spain, which during the war of the Spanish succession was faithful to the Archduke Charles of Habsburg. Barcelona was the last place of Spain where the last Spaniards patriots, faithful to the Archduke, were defeated by the Bourbon troops on September 11, 1714.
The history proves that this separatist commemoration it´s just a manipulation promoted by the enemies of Spain, including the masonry and Israel.
The trial on the case “Blanquerna” will last eight days. Eight days to judge a protest that it was branded “the biggest attack on democracy” by the traitors and anti-Spanish journalists and politicians. But in “Blanquerna” there were no injuries, or more damage than a broken glass of a door!
That day in “Blanquerna”, some Spanish nationalists members of different nationalists groups integrated in the coalition “La España en marcha” (which includes La Falange and AN, among others) along with our Vice-President Pedro Chaparro, leading a group of members of Democracia Nacional, interrupted the separatist commemoration.
Our comrades didn´t expect to find inside of the separatist library some wellknown Basque and Catalan separatists Deputies, members of the Spanish Parliament, who along with some journalists from the regional mass media and some important separatist personalities, were celebrating the anti-Spanish event. This people are very powerful and they’ll use all the support of their henchmen, in order to destroy the last Nationalist resistance of Spain.
The Spanish Nationalists acted moved by love, love to Spain, tired of seeing how these traitors destroyed Spain gradually, with none Spaniard doing something.
A separatist meeting in the heart of the capital of Spain, calling for the death of our fatherland, it cannot be tolerated and our comrades who entered in “Blanquerna”, they did what any good Spanish should do when someone attacks your mother: defend her!
While the Spanish government release terrorists from ETA (even last week), while the violent protests of the ultra-leftist are unpunished (much more violent), while the traitor Catalan Government (net of infectious thieves, separatists and degenerates) want to illegally and unmorally destroy Spain through referendums and international support (being Israel the first partner on this mission), they requested 16 years of prison for our comrades…16 years!
This double way of measuring, tolerant with the terrorist criminals and brutal against the Patriots is typical of a tyranny, and against this tyranny we will fight without pause until we destroy it.

No step behind, 
Democracia Nacional!