Monday, January 25, 2016

Lemesos -In honour of General Grivas

The National People's Front paid tribute to the memory of General Georgios Grivas.
Hundreds of Nationalists marched from the church of St. Nikolaos to the hideout of General Grivas, where the ceremony took place.

The vivid presence of E.LA.M. sent the message to the parties of the establishment that the nationalist party will succeed at the parliamentary elections on May 22.

The president of E.LA.M., Christos Christou

Stelios Nearchou, Lemessos District

Petros Koundoureshis - Paphos District
Linos Papagiannis - Ammochostos District

Georgios Eracleous, Organizational of E.LA.M.

Giorgio Hadjioannou - Lefcosia District

Michalis Christodoulou- Western  Lemessos

Sotiris Ioannou - Youth Front