Thursday, December 10, 2015

Putin Opens War with the Turks: “We were stabbed in the back. No tolerance for partners of jihadists!”

Original Article by Kostas Alexandrakis. Translated By Golden Dawn New York Division.
The situation in the broader middle east region smells of gunpowder, the flames of this are now beginning to extend to the Caspian sea.
As many of you have already heard in the media, a Russian military aircraft was shot down by the Turks. Russia has already responded by withdrawing the diplomatic visit of Lavrov to Turkey. There has not been any official statements until now.

The official statements were given with a war like demeanor, going as far as to characterize Turkey as “Accomplices of Jihadists”.  Putin also referred to the NATO council meeting. Implying that “wants to use NATO to serve the interests of Islamic State”
The statements of Putin are as follows “The shooting of Russian aircraft is stab in the back byaccomplices of the Islamic State. They want NATO to serve the interests of the Islamic State? I know that every state has its own interests and always respect them but we do not allow such crimes to happen like what happened today and we hope the international community will unite against the common evil. We rely on all countries of the region for this fight. We will continue our work with experts and members of the security and the Ministry of Defense and in cooperation with neighboring states.”
“The fact that Turkey has not tried to contact Russia after the accident and rushed to call the NATO summit is worrying. It looks like Turkey wants NATO to serve the interests of the Islamic State.Today’s tragic events will have serious consequences for Russian-Turkish relations “
Putin’s statements are essentially an indicator and notification of a period that will have military characteristics. Certainly, the area of ​​military operations will depend on the outcome of the NATO summit, but it is certain that Turkey  is entering a situation that is very bad for it.
NATO will soon confronted by a very difficult decision, since it is very difficult to support the jihadist struggle against the Russians. Even the US is not certain that it is willing at this time to start again alongside ‘Mad Allah “, who recently spilled blood in Paris. At the same time it will cost them to leave their faithful lapdog, Turkey, at the mercy of Putin.
Therefore, we are heading into a period in which Turkey will have very serious problems and will be destabilized, thanks to the arrogance of Erdogan and the commitments of his party towards the Ottoman dream of a great Islamic Caliphate, under the Turkish flag.