Sunday, December 27, 2015

Defenders of Europe

Europe is under attack! The flood of “refuges” that are pouring in to our countries are changing the demographic situation in all over Europe. Even if we face violence, rapes and terror from immigrant gangs, and even terrorist attacks from the Wahhabi extremists, the big threat is something completely different. Something as innocent as strollers is becoming the death of our civilization. With babies the non-Europeans are taking over. In Sweden, were I live the demographic situation is catastrophic and experts has predicted that swedes till be a minority within the next 10-15 years, and the pattern is the same throughout all of Europe. 

You cannot argue that we are living in dark times. Not only regarding the demographic situation, but also the destruction of our values, of our moral. The international banksters and globalists who all are trying to grab what they can. And in your case a long lasting occupation by Turkey on your soil.
You have been living for a long time in a situation that the whole of Europe are facing if nothing changes. Maybe not by the Turks, but of non-Europeans who are taking control over our countries. This is not something that I say to scare or fiction of any sort. This is the reality that we are facing, and the sooner that we understand it, the faster we can do something about it.
Even if we are living in dark times, there is still hope, there is something that is growing by the minute in Europe. A will to live, a will to defend our countries. What we are seeing is a new era of nationalism and patriotism. Were the people are fed up with this multicultural experiment that has been pushed upon us for years and now demands a change.
In some countries we see it more clearly than others, but the pattern are still the same, the signal is still the same. The peoples of Europe wants a Europe of free nations. We don’t trust the old politicians who have transformed our once great nations into a pile of mud and we want them replaced with people who actully cares about our future.
We don’t want our sons to go to battle in the service of NATO warmongers and their allies. We don’t want to give away our independence to the European Union or any other supranational cooperation’s, we are feed up with the scams from the international banksters - and now we had enough!
As defenders of Europe we must understand how vital it is for us to be working together. To join forces and building a powerful block of nationalists throughout all Europe. For many people it sounds like a dream or a fantasy. But you know what? We are doing it right now in the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF).
Since a year ago we are building a long lasting cooperation with organizations, parties, representatives of the national movements that is built on trust and the common idea of a Europe of free nations.
Within the APF we can discuss common questions, draw up guidelines for common campaigns, and assist each other’s in various ways. This is not a “paper organization” – in the APF real politics are made and real cooperation. And this is what have been needed for a very long time, and now it is finally here.
I know that you have an election coming up in less than six months and I don’t just want to wish you good luck. I want to give something more. I want to support you, I want to help you. Not just financial, with the money from the support Cyprus t-shirt that we have made and are now selling throughout Europe, but also by travel to Cyprus and help in any way I can. Solidarity is not something that is best expressed by words – but by actions!

A progress for nationalism in Cyprus is a progress for nationalism in Europe. A progress for nationalism in Greece is a progress for nationalism in Europe. A progress for nationalism in Germany is a progress for nationalism in Europe. We must work together in order to re-create our once flourishing peoples.
I know that you will do your part and you have my promise that I will do the same.
The million hearts of the European peoples are beating like one. The defenders of Europe has awaken and together we will reclaim our lands.
With you in heart and soul,
Stefan Jacobsson, Secretary General
Alliance for Peace and Freedom