Thursday, December 3, 2015

“Boycott ISIS ally Turkey. Nationalists of Europe unite to make Erdogan pay for shooting down Russian jet”

An act of state terrorism which could trigger a catastrophic World War.” This is how Roberto Fiore from the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) condemned Turkey’s totally unprovoked shooting down of a Russian jet and culpability for the cowardly murder of Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov.

“The Turkish attack is additionally criminal,” said APF President and former MEP Fiore, “because it was clearly pre-planned and intended to draw Russia and the rest of Nato into a conflict which, on top of its inherent dangers, could only throw a lifeline to Daesh and other Islamist terrorists at a time when Russian air power and the Syrian Army are steadily wiping them out.”

“The fact that the EU and Nato have moved to support Turkey – despite the blatant Muslim Brotherhood agenda of its war criminal leader Erdogan - is just another sign that both alliances are fundamentally at odds with the interests of ordinary Europeans,” warns Udo Voigt MEP, main spokesman for the APF within the European Parliament.

“The proper response would have been for the EU to announce immediate and total disengagement from Turkey, including trade sanctions until it ceases promoting terrorism to its east and a destabilising ‘refugee’ invasion to its west,” continues Herr Voigt, adding that “Brussels should slam the door on Turkey’s EU membership application for good.”

While calling for these measures, the Alliance for Peace and Freedom does not realistically expect any such outbreak of common sense and decency among Turkey’s Nato allies. We will therefore run a campaign to harness the overwhelming popular support right across Europe for Vladimir Putin’s actions and position in Syria.

During the recent APF campaign drawing attention to the central role played by Saudi Arabia in both funding and providing the Wahhabi ideological basis for Islamist terror worldwide, APF partners in a dozen EU countries put up big blocks of posters the old-fashioned way, as well as distributing many hundreds of thousands of ‘virtual’ posters through social media.

Equally professional and hard-hitting material is now being designed for the new campaign “Turkey aids ISIS – Boycott now!”

APF English-language spokesman, former MEP Nick Griffin explains the plan: “The combined social media reach of the members and friends of the Alliance is absolutely massive. The demographic of our reach is very similar to that of the typical British and other European holiday makers who have until now gone in huge numbers to Turkey.

“When we call for a boycott of Turkey, providing information about attractive alternatives from Portugal to Crimea, and about the very real dangers faced by foreign visitors in Erdogan’s increasingly Islamified autocracy, our campaign will have a real impact on Turkey’s economy.

“We have a popular, easily understood messages and will be giving people a simple, practical way to make their views felt. We are confident it will have impact and hit Turkey where it hurts.”

Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF)
Jens Pühse, Secretary-General