Thursday, November 19, 2015

“When you want to herd cattle, you get yourself a cattle prod”

Paris Attacks – analysed by Nick Griffin for APF

The Paris Attacks have shocked the world, but they are only the beginning.
Having predicted (a month ago) imminent mass casualty attacks in Europe with
guns and bombs by both Al Qaeda and ISIS, I hope that my analysis of the
Paris tragedy and what happens next will be taken very seriously. 

This analysis is based on information from APF contacts throughout Europe
and also in Syria:

• The key aim of the attacks is to destabilise and polarise our societies
and to herd the public into supporting a western ground invasion of Iraq and

Just as Al Qaeda was created and armed by the CIA and MI6 as a weapon
against the old Soviet Union in Afghanistan, so  ISIS  is a weapon of US
neo-con foreign policy, although its foot-soldiers are of course motivated
by their hard-line Wahhabi beliefs.
In particular, they have an apocalyptic conviction that their final victory
will only come after the ‘Crusaders’ are drawn into a massive invasion of
Syria and an all-out battle between ‘them and us’ in the Syrian town of
Dabiq, north of Aleppo. Then, on top of these medieval Muslim fantasies but
i overall direction is still decided by a leadership which is either openly
directed or subtly ‘nudged’ by its New World Order puppet masters.

As such we expect two things from ISIS in the coming months:

1) More mass casualty attacks on European targets in general, including in
Eastern Europe - although the lack of large Muslim populations to provide
‘cover’ and pockets of logistical support makes places like Poland much
harder targets.
2) Extra efforts to hit in particular Britain, the United States and

More attacks on Europe will whip up public demand for retaliation. Further
airstrikes, as already carried out by France, will not stop the thousands of
Jihadis already infiltrated into our societies from striking again and
again. So there will come a point when ‘action’ can mean only one thing –
putting western boots on the ground in Syria.

And that, of course is the primary aim both of ISIS and of the neo-cons in
Washington. The former because they’re End of the Worlders, the latter
because half of them share Islamic State’s enthusiasm for Armageddon while
the other half ‘merely ‘ want to break up and balkanise Syria and Iraq in
keeping with the Yinon Plan.

While the presence and effectiveness of the Russian Airforce now makes it
impossible for Nato to bomb Syrian government targets and overthrow Assad,
Washington still hopes to be able to divide Syria into a Kurdish statelet in
the north, a Sunni enclave in the east and a much weakened
secular/Alawite-led rump on the coast. It’s not exactly what they wanted,
but it’s better – in their eyes – than leaving Putin, Assad and Iran to
finish off the Islamist rebellion and set about developing Syria’s massive
gas reserves outside of NOW control.

Less than 48 hours after the attacks, the US intelligence corporation
Stratfor, which is often labelled the “shadow CIA” urged Paris to send an
expeditionary force to fight ISIS. Noting that the sky over Syria is already
packed with Syrian and Russian warplanes, Stratfor recommended that France
engage Islamic State on the ground in Syria, Iraq and Libya. 

Since France has already run such operations against African Islamists, it
seems that the people running the USA believe they can exploit the latest
atrocity to persuade the French people to support a similar venture in the
Arab world.  Stratfor’s analysis even goes so far as to state that the USA
would assist France with transport aircraft.

One more attack in France could easily make this a ‘done deal’. Likewise, a
string of Paris-style massacres in other European nations would make it ever
more likely that other Nato country would join in. 

An big attack in Britain would certainly have Cameron invoking Nato’s
Article 5 - which obliges all Nato states to regard an attack on any one of
them as an attack on them all – and demanding a united military response. 

The cattle prod

Hitting Britain and the USA have obvious huge worldwide propaganda prestige
value for the Jihadists. Having been badly burned by the self-evident
disaster of the neo-con’s Iraq and Afghan wars, the American and British
public would have to suffer a great deal of pain and fear before they allow
their Masters to send their sons, daughters and taxes into yet another
Middle East adventure. 
Further ISIS attacks will therefore provide the ‘problem’ which demands the
already desired ‘solution’. When you want to herd cattle, you need to get
yourself a cattle prod!

The same is true of course with attacks in Germany, save that there they
will have the additional ‘benefit’ of destabilising Germany and teaching its
government and people a lesson for becoming a potential economic threat to
the hegemony of Wall Street and US-based global corporations, and for
starting to look favourably on economic links with Russia and the
Russian/Chinese proposed alternative international trading currency rather
than with the Dollar Empire.

In every case, the fact that the attackers will be using weapons obtained in
the target countries or smuggled in from Eastern Europe will be used as an
excuse by the elite to clamp down even harder on the rights of law-abiding
citizens to have the ability to defend themselves and their families. At the
very time when we most need to be armed, the elite will be working harder
than ever to disarm us.

Meanwhile, support for the terrorists – and the public backlash against
innocent Muslims – will be exploited as the perfect excuse to clamp down on
free speech and the Internet.

Even bigger danger from Al Qaeda

The loss of three major arms shipments disrupted and delayed the plan by Al
Qaeda and its Jabaat Al-Nusra cadres to recover lost ground in the deadly
competition with Islamic State for the hearts, minds, wallets and blood of
Wahhabists worldwide.

With their audacious Paris raid, Islamic State have yet again stolen a march
on Al Qaeda, who will now be even more desperate to detonate their own
sleeper cells which – as we have repeatedly warned – have infiltrated Europe
in far greater numbers than ISIS.
Through their Muslim Brotherhood connections, Al Qaeda also have massively
better contacts with the Sunni Muslim populations of western Europe, and
thus even more to gain than ISIS in sharpening the antagonisms between them
and their indigenous hosts so that communal violence leads to the creation
of ‘liberated Sharia zones’ which are ‘No-Go Areas’ for the kaffir police.

We therefore repeat our warning that Western intelligence agencies should
not become so obsessed with ISIS at the expense of watching and thwarting Al

Where will they hit next?

The United Kingdom is especially vulnerable to a truly spectacular mass
casualty attack, because the British police are still largely unarmed, and
the British public are totally disarmed. 

The terrifying scale of the problem is shown by the fact that every single
one of France’s 278,000 police officers is armed, whereas Britain has a mere
6,000 armed police. Even Britain’s army, while highly professional, has
little more than 40,000 soldiers actually fit to fight, and significant
numbers even of these are stationed abroad.

With the Muslim-dominated drugs underworld - and import/export business in
London, Birmingham. Manchester and Glasgow - awash with firearms, up to and
including RPGs, the sad fact is that Britain is a sitting duck for the most
ghastly Islamist atrocities. It is now only a matter of time.

The most likely targets are internationally known sports grounds.  On top of
the propaganda value, the Jihadi planners understand that such an attack
would do more than anything – other than a Beslan-style school massacre – to
polarise the country and create a violent anti-Muslim backlash which would
allow them to pose as defenders of their community.

Also highly tempting will be further attacks on rock concerts, where the
urge to kill large numbers of young Infidels goes hand in hand with the
Wahhabi hatred of music and desire to separate young Muslims from the
society around them and its ‘evil influences’.

What can we do?

We can continue with our efforts to create pressure on our governments to
find real solutions. The APF and our cyberspace allies have already done
great deal of work to help to resist demonisation of Russia and of the Assad

We are also proud of our various national affiliates which have done great
work popularising our message that there is little point aiming at the
‘green shoots’ of Islamist terror without dealing with its roots – the
Wahhabi Godfather of Terror, Saudi Arabia.
Left to themselves, Russia, Syria, Iran, the Kurds and moderate Arab states
such as Egypt, will destroy the ISIS Caliphate and kill or imprison huge
numbers of terrorists. Our job is to help mobilise pressure to keep Western
boots off the ground and to let those who actually understand the region
sort out the ghastly mess created by ‘Western’ meddling.

This is even more crucial when one considers that a Western invasion of
Syria could easily produce a lethal confrontation with Russian and Iran.
With their help, the Syrian government is winning the civil war and rapidly
liberating its territory from ISIS (just as the Kurds and Iraqis re steadily
pushing them back in Iraq). 

Having done the ‘heavy lifting’ in crushing ISIS, none of them would take
kindly to an EU army turning up at the end of the fight and trying to use
military force to balkanise the region with a new set of colonial borders.
This would literally be the tripwire for World War Three, even more
dangerous than Nato’s insane destabilisation of Ukraine.

Thus, taken all together, the Paris Attacks are of huge international
significance. But, unfortunately, a realistic and informed analysis leaves
us in no doubt that even worse is yet to come.