Thursday, November 26, 2015

Poland - Nationalist Congress with the participation of E.LA.M.


The National People's Front had the honour to take part at the international congress of nationalist movements, which was organised in Poland by NOP.
Here's the speech of  Marios Vassiliou Member of the Political Council of National People’s Front (E.LA.M) 

The national economy in the era of globalization

Today the international Bankers, continue to impose government leaders on the nations. Representatives who are chosen to defend and follow the interests of the plutocracy. Bankers control all the major political parties in our countries through financing and lobbying. There is no real independent nation in Europe.
So, even if a government changes hands, very little in fact changes, as these puppets will pretend they do good for the people and the nation, but in fact there is no doubt who they really serve. The new government in Greece of Alexis Tsipras is a true example of this disgraceful practice.
Bankers and international capitalists seek world dominance, these loan sharks in their pursuit of world dominance are responsible for every war, every conflict, every famine in the last few centuries. They control 99% of the global wealth. They control all the following organizations, National central banks, National Reserve Bank, World Bank, IMF, European Central bank, UN, NATO, UNICEF and the most important NGOs.
They decide which countries produce what and which countries will be demonized and their people victimized, unless of course they follow their instructions. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria are exact examples of this policy. They control the crime industry, drug trafficking and pharmaceutical industries. Their goal is to abolish national economic, sovereignty and economic sustainability through international and EU legislation.

Dear Comrades,

Greece and Cyprus are common examples of the repercussions of globalization, a tragedy that led Greece and Cyprus to economic oblivion, the destruction of the national and social framework, the loss of Greek values and morality. A dark path of corruption, destruction of the primary sector of the economy, loss of economic self-sufficiency, tax evasion, trade union extremism, embezzlement, and a political corruption that haunted the nation for over 40 years.
It was the political parties of the left and the right that pushed both Greece and Cyprus into the E.U and promised prosperity, easy money and uncontrolled spending. To build on these promises they made expensive loans, leading to a bubble of high national and private debt, which has never occurred before in international economic history.
The Greek people unfortunately compromised with the situation and allowed the corruption to continue, in many cases contributing or taking part on this crime against our nation. Those days, the Greek Nationalists were kept on the margin of the political scene, and were considered as criminals and extremists by all the media and, unfortunately, by the public opinion also.
Joining the Eurozone and the Euro meant the total loss of national sovereignty, the loss of any ability for economic prosperity and growth. Greece and Cyprus could no longer control their interest rates, and could not impose import taxation to protect their domestic product. The profit racketeering private bankers blended with the corrupted politicians and governments and created a time bomb. The creation of the Euro 15 years ago brought heavy taxes, increased prices and reduced production. The average Eurozone growth in these years is much smaller than the average growth of other EU countries not in the Eurozone.

These events led to the catastrophic bail-in in Cyprus and the troika loan agreement resulting in the economic crisis. This agreement proved to be overwhelmingly catastrophic, for it shrunk the GDP, rapidly increased unemployment and drove the national debt of the GDP to 180% and 110% for Greece and Cyprus respectively. The austerity measures were an Armageddon to our Nation, and years after there is no evidence of recovery, leading to extreme social discontent, high unemployment, property repossessions, poverty, soup kitchens, prostitution, drop of living standard, and illegal immigration. A genocide against a proud nation.

But how can we divert from this path and survive as a European nation against globalization?

The Nationalist movement proposes a national strategy so that we can overcome this imposed crisis. We are struggling for a country that belongs to the Greeks.
We want the implementation of a total audit of state and banking organizations, so as to pin point all the areas where public money was misused and looted, to identify all those who have been tax evading and then prosecute them. Those ones who have stolen tax payer’s money will be jailed and their property confiscated.
Impose strict immigration controls, which will solve immediately the unemployment and would be a good financial relief for the public spending.
We will invest in our hydrocarbon resources, which are worth trillions of euros. We will reinvest in the once self sufficient primary sector and manufacturing.
We will nationalize all the banks and erase, wipe out all debts owed to them by people who are living in poverty.
We will purge from the state organizations all the trade union leeches and all those who have being manipulating the system for all these decades.

Our objective, is using the democratic system, to overthrow the corrupt governance system. We are fighting for national independence, sovereignty of the people and a political cleansing. To punish all those that invested in our Motherland's downfall and who profited from it. To send the thieving politicians and public workers to jail and simultaneously confiscate the property of all those that abused the public funds.

Our people should decide on the most important national and social matters, the people should be truly independent, instead of being called only every four or five years to answer to fake dilemmas.

Finally, the EU is not what we envisage as nationalists. We do not wish a European super state in which Brussels will be the capital of Europe. We do not support the federalism of the EU and the conversion of it to a United States of Europe. We believe that the decisions of the nation-state should have greater weight than those of the European Parliament or any other EU institution. The EU construction is based on the idea of globalization where the abolishment of nations is targeted. We must fight against it, we must never accept it.

Thank you

Marios Vassiliou
Member of the Central Political Council
National People’s Front (E.LA.M)