Sunday, November 1, 2015

LEMESOS - Tribute to Manos and Yiorgos

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E.LA.M. honoured the memory of the two fallen heroes, Manos and Yiorgos, that were killed in Athens, by a terrorist leftist group.
Nationalists from all over Cyprus marched from Lemesos offices towards the centre of the city.

Three speeches were held at Afxentiou square by the representative of the Youth Front, Petros Avgousti, by the responsible of Lemesos district, Stelios Nearchou and by the president of E.LA.M., Christos Christou.
At the end of the manifestation a representative of the Women Front left white flowers in front of the photos of Yiorgos and Manos.

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Women Front

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Stelios Nearchou, head of Lemesos Region

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Petros Avgousti - Youth Front

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Christos Christou - President of E.LA.M.

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