Saturday, October 17, 2015

Barcelona - Demonstration by DN and other nationalist parties.

Manuel Canduela - President of DN

Chaparro -The vice president of DN

Last 12th October, as has been done for more than 20 years in Montjuic (Barcelona), the traditional “Spain’s National Day” (Día de la Hispanidad) was held, organised by Comité 12 de Octubre. Such an event was joined by Democracia Nacional, La Falange and Movimiento Católico.

Several stands were set up as well, where nationalist merchandising (music, books, clothing) was to be sold.
On this ocassion, more than 500 proud nationalists gathered to demonstrate. Such a demonstration has been collecting momentum one year after another. Arranged to start at 11:00 am, the meeting point was Plaza de España (the very center of Barcelona).
Later on, at 12:00 pm, speeches were addressed in Montjuic. Vicente Estarelles introduced every speaker: José Luís Corral (Chairman of Movimiento Católico, Pedro Chaparro (Vice-Chairman of Democracia Nacional), Manuel Andrino (Chairman of La Falange) and, last but not least, Manuel Canduela (Chairman of Democracia Nacional), who delivered a powerful speech. His words got to the heart of every nationalist standing there by making himself clear enough: his will to defend our fatherland is unbreakable. Likewise, he demanded the Spanish government to ensure the unity of our nation, no matter what.
After the end of the speeches, the traditional pledge of allegiance was performed by those kids and adults who wished to speak up their minds by kissing our flag.
This was an event of good feelings and meant to be 100% politically incorrect. This was the 20th edition of such an event and we plan to keep carrying it out since the Establishment cannot stand our flag waving in the highest place in Barcelona.
We were covered by the mass media, both TV (La Sexta, Antena 3, Tele5) and printed.