Thursday, July 9, 2015

Patriotism vs. Loyalty to the State

Jo tuhat ”tykkää” Kansallisesta Vastarinnasta

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government, if it's not on the side of the people. This phrase should be applied to each and everyone in their own lives. If those who rule your country are unpatriotic, you need to fight against the government.

Many people are confused between the concepts of patriotism and loyalty to the state. We are supposedly patriotic but we restrict it to state worship. What the state says, it must be true. This despite the fact that Finland is controlled by international troublemakers. The EU, TTIP free trade agreement, international bankers and multinational firms spit Finnish independence right in the face.

If the government starts to restrict people's freedom in the name of security people will believe the laws even if they are the most stupid laws you can think of – because the state could not be lying to its ow people, right? Like when, for example, people's privacy is being violated by a ridiculous amount of cameras or when all the fingerprints are taken up when applying for a passport. Guns are being collected away from people in the name of security and if you have saved one thousand euros in cash you might end up in questioning for money laundering because the government wants to control how people use their money.

The existence of illegal police managed registers is something that everyone knows but what hardly anybody is interested in. You can end up in these registers for calling to the wrong person, going to wrong section at the football match, by participating in the "wrong kind" of political event, by being in the same entourage with the person for whom the police could somehow be interested in, and in many other ways. Officially, these records do not exist, and even if they do, they tell us it is peoples own fault they ended up in there.

For example, if the state makes it illegal to question certain historical events (especially those that happened during the second world war) it must be right because the government is always right and those who gets convicted, well, they are just criminals, right? If you want to arrange, for example, the sharing of food or material to your people, and the state denies this right from you because you only want to help your own people and not everyone else, the government will tell you that you are a troublemaker because you don't follow the rules and you only want to help your own kind.

When government tells you to shoot your own people, you will obey without question. After all, the bullets will be used against people, who don't satisfy the state. When the state asks you to go to the other side of the world to fight with the risk of your own life, you will go of course, because the interests of your motherland demands that you tackle the affairs of other countries which are not related to your country in any way. You are also naturally proud, if you manage to shoot someone who poses a threat to your boss, who is only a politician seeking his own interests. Because you are a true patriot.

Or are you? Finland has not been an independent country for at least last twenty years. International troublemakers, European Union on the front line, set the standard for determining the Finnish independence. Dying for the state would be one of the most stupid things a patriotic person could do, because those who really rule only use normal people and even politicians as their sheep who will do anything for money. Rulers only seek their own interests.

It is not for the best of your people if you follow every rule and directive we've been forced to digest. When people are forced to pay media tax (in Finland we are forced to pay this) the government secures income for its own propaganda. When people are being convicted to pay tens of thousands of euros in fine for writing facts about the rulers, people are being intimidated to be quiet.

We are talking about the same state which is spying on its own citizens and which is hiring these government-believing "patriots" to defend itself against the people. These "patriots" are ready shoot their own people if they do not agree with everything that the state has told us to believe. This everything is being paid by tax-payers, and the taxes are being raised every time rulers need some more money. This everything happens at the same time when the police arms itself to control the masses and the society takes away the guns from the people. Is there any reason to be loyal to this kind of state?

Real kind of patriotism is when you set up your own people ahead of your own interest. Given the fact that the current state is not interested in its own peoples well-being means in practice that the patriotic people have to make sacrifices so that the future would look brighter. It should be noted, however, that sacrifices do not automatically mean a trip to prison or losing your life. For example, financial aid to a patriotic party can be counted as sacrifice because it is out of your own well-being. Also using your time for your fatherland is a sacrifice because this can be considered a time away from something else you could do. However, the most radical sacrifices can mean loss of your life or a prison sentence.

In many "democratic and free" European countries, it's possible to end up for a long time in jail if you question too much state intervention. This will certainly be the future also in Finland because now there are totally ridiculous judgments on freedom of expression here. I mean, they would be laughable if it were a sitcom. Unfortunately, this happens to be real life. People who really love their fatherland are ready to go through the pressure because in their hearts they know that they have done nothing wrong. Government is wrong and it uses illegal ways to silence people. 

So do not lie to yourself and say that worshiping the state is patriotism.

I will end my writing with the words of a Finnish patriot Eugen Schauman: "Do you love your country? Good, keep in mind the words of Ibsen: 'Even if you give your everything but not your life, you have not given anything'." 

Published on the July issue of the newspaper " Southern Hellas"