Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lefcosia - 20th of July!

In one of the most successful manifestations hundreds of Nationalists from Cyprus and abroad took part in the day of remembrance of the turkish invasion, that E.LA.M. organized.

Ledra Palace checkpoint was full of people who attended the speeches that were held.

In the beginning, Ermos Xenofontos, sang patriotic songs raising the spirits high.

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The artistic event was interrupted by the arrival of the runners of “ Pericles Demetriou club” who were carrying torches from the “Imprisoned tombs”

A priest made a memorial ceremony for the fallen and the missing heroes of the 1974.

The president of  the organisation of “ Relatives of undeclared prisoners and missing persons"  informed the representatives of the European movements about the turkish barbarities.
The first speaker was Sotiris Ioannou on behalf of the Youth Front. He stressed the difference between the nationalist youth from the one of the establishment parties.

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George Hadjioannou invited the people to stand by the side of E.LA.M.

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Next speaker was Linos Papagiannis, responsible of the Ammochostos province who referred to the solution of the federation with the conqueror.

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Fedor Biriukov of the Russian Rodina party talked about the tight relation between our peoples. Russia is solidary to the struggle of the Cypriots to liberate and keep Hellenic the island.

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Next was Lampros Fountoulis, the MEP of Golden Dawn, who reminded to the audience that whatever happens to Cyprus mother Hellas would be by the side of her daughter.

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General, Giorgos Epitidios, MEP- GD, referred to the battles that our MEPs give in the European Parliament for the interests of Cyprus.

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General Eleftherios Synadinos, MEP-GD, talked about the battles that Greeks took part in 1974 against the barbarian intruders.

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Michales Pilidis Assiotis a refugee from the heroic village of Assia said that we must keep the faith for liberation because this is the only way to live proudly in a Hellenic Cyprus.

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Stelios Nearchou, head of Lemessos district, criticized the Cypriot government, emphasizing that the only solution for Cyprus is the National Resistance.

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Geadis Geadi, responsible for the Press, talked about the duty of the nationalists to defend the national interests.

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The president of E.LA.M, Christos Christou, referred to the epic battles of the Hellenic Army against the barbarians. He also said that E.LA.M. is the only stronghold against the solution of the federation with the turks.

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Then the participants kept a minute of silence to pay tribute to the fallen heroes and later the militants of E.LA.M. burnt the flags of the Asian enemy.

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It was the time of the march. The Hellenic Nationalists together with European Nationalist Movements and individuals, paraded through the main streets of the divided capital.

41 years later the Nationalists of Hellas, Cyprus, Russia and Europe don’t forget the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and inform the global society that Turkey has a criminal record and it should never enter the E.U.