Friday, May 1, 2015

Paphos - Political rally

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On Monday the 25th of April, hundreds of members and friends of the nationalist movement gathered at Paphos to hear  and learn about the positions of  E.LA.M. to all  aspects of political and national issues of Cyprus.  

The hall of SEK was full one hour before the beginning, something that demonstrates the interest of the Greeks of Paphos district.

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The Press Officer of E.LA.M., Geadis Geadi  talked about the various actions of the movement in many sectors that are not presented by the media. Actions that show the intervention of the nationalists in the political and social life of Cyprus.

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Next, was Marios Vasiliou, member of the political council of E.LA.M., who analysed the policies of the nationalists in economy and in the crucial issue of immigration. 

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Petros Koundoureshis,who is responsible for the Paphos region and a member of the political council, talked about the positions of E.LA.M. to the Cypriot issue  which are against the solution of  bizonal Federation because that will lead to the extinction of the Hellenic Race in the island.

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It was the turn of the president of the National People's Front, Christos Christou who pointed the need of the people of Cyprus to fill the ranks of the national movement and to abandon previous political preferences. The Cypriots,said, are sick of the parties of the establishment and of the misery, unemployment, illegal immigration and lack of a national vision.

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At the end the supporters and friends of the movement made their questions and proposals about a wide variety of issues that concerned them.

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The massive presence of the public made it clear that E.LA.M. is well approved by Cypriot society and is going to succeed at the next parliamentary elections in  May 2016.