Saturday, May 16, 2015

Larnaca - Political rally

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Friends and supporters of the National People’s Front participated on Friday 8 of May at the political rally of Larnaca.
The members and the president informed the citizens about the positions of the movement.
Half an hour before the beginning, “Café’ Neon “was full of nationalists who showed a tremendous enthusiasm in supporting E.LA.M.

The first speech was of Despina Andreou who on behalf of the Women Front analyzed the important role of women in the nationalist movement and during the history of Hellenism, as well.

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Next was Maria Ierodiakonou who presented the positions of E.LA.M. considering the crucial issue of economy.
“In contrast to other political parties E.LA.M. isn’t involved in any financial scandal”, Maria said.

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Third on the row was Michalis Prastitis, president of the Youth Front. He referred to the positions of the National People’s Front in the Cypriot problem, saying that our solution heads towards the liberation of the island.

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It was the time of the Press Responsible, Geadis Geadi, who stressed the absence of the Media because “E.LA.M. says the truth on all the issues of Cyprus political life”.

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Next speaker was Valentinos Alamangos, head of Larnaca province. Valentinos talked about the rise of nationalist movements across Europe, a rise that will be shown, in the parliamentary elections in Cyprus, next year.

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The turn of the President and founder of E.LA.M. had come. Christos Christou referred to the wrong positions of the Cypriot government and answered to the smear war on E.LA.M. stressing that the Nationalist People’s Front is not a criminal organization but a strong idea.

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Then the citizens exposed their beliefs and proposals and the successful political rally ended with the National Anthem.

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