Thursday, May 28, 2015

Τhis is E.LA.M. - Our positions.

The National People’s Front (E.LA.M.) is a nationalist movement established in 2008.
It is ruled by a political council and a central committee which sets the political decisions that are taken.
E.LA.M. was founded because:

a. The parties of the Establishment follow a dead end policy on the Cyprus issue.
b. They lack vision and long term planning for the growth and well being of our people.
c. The Cypriot political scene didn’t have an organized movement which could stand against the Establishment by expressing new political ideas of resistance.
Our ideology is that of People’s Nationalism which is a continuity of patriotism that exists in every single Greek of Cyprus.
Liberty and national dignity are our primary targets.
Our positions on different issues that interest our society are:
The Cypriot Question:
E.LA.M. considers that the policy which is followed on the Cypriot issue is totally wrong. It is an issue of invasion and continuous occupation and not that of a bicommunal dispute. Turkey is part of the problem not of the solution. 
As a nationalist movement we are totally opposed to any type of Bizonal-Bicommunal solution.
We believe that we must keep a distance from the talks between Makarios and Denktash and of the consensus decisions of the national council in 1989.
The only solution is to take measures that will lead to the liberation of our island. We demand:
1. To stop the talks which propose Federation as a solution.
2. To denounce the Turkish state to all international institutions as an invader and conqueror of the northern soil of our country.
 3. To refer Turkey to the international court of Justice for war crimes and to ask for compensation to the war victims that it had caused.
4. The immediate closing of the check points to the occupied areas.
5. To find allies among the states that would have interests in the area and are willing to help Cyprus Republic.
6.  To keep the moral of our people in high level. 
About the so called “committee of compensation” in the occupied area we consider it a threat for our nation. Cyprus Republic should stand by the side of our refugees.
The republic should create a committee in which a refugee could sell his property to the State.
Another position of E.LA.M. is the confiscation of the Turkish Cypriot properties as war reparations for the Turkish invasion and occupation.
The economy of a National State should never be against its basic principles. For example in order to have cheap labors our national identity is threatened. The private economic interests must not implement the policy of the state. 
We are against neolibelarism and bolshevism as well. We believe in property, in private initiative but not at the unethical and irresponsible speculation which are against Peoples community. We strive for an economy servant of the national interests rather than a servant of the state plutocracy.
After the Turkish invasion in 1974, Cyprus economy has been developed one sided, giving an emphasis to services, tourism and to an overgrowth bank sector. The agricultural, the farming and the industry sectors were left behind.
The unprecedented economic crisis affecting Cyprus is due to the mismanagement of the politicians. 
The wastage of state money which consisted of bonuses to foreigners and to Turkish cypriots , the high paid senior civil servants , the unduly high double and triple pensions knelt the State’s finances.
 The entrance in the Euro zone aggravated our situation. The liberalization of the bank sector, the inadequate supervision of the banks from the part of the state under the governance of A.K.E.L. the communist party, left our banks uncovered to the Greek bonds at a rate four times the Cypriot GDP.
We propose a new economic policy which will take us out of the dead end and to ensure a satisfactory growth even during the global economic downturn:
1. The immediate nationalization of the banks that have received capital support with the state guarantee. The merging of all nationalized private banks to a strong national bank.
2. The creation of audit teams for the public debt. The thieves should be brought to prison and their properties should be confiscated.
3. To give motives for the growth of the agricultural and livestock sectors, especially to young families who decide to work in those sectors.
 4. To give motives for the growth of industry with an emphasis to new technologies in cooperation with university research programs.
5.  We will create a national state with basic self efficiency in living species.
 6. The immediate interruption of any commercial or any other activity with Turkey.
      7. To support small businesses and young professionals. Cypriot and Hellenic products should be forwarded. They will be marked in the supermarkets so that they can be bought easily.
    8. Elimimation of the state funding of the parties.
   9. Cuts to highly paid state employees and elimination of multiple pensions.
10.  Reorganization of the public sector with a parallel increase of the productivity of the state employees. Elimination of funding for NGO.
11. Elimination of the benefits for foreigners and for turkish cypriots. Immediate stopping of their free medical care.
12. The semi-governmental organizations should be under state control. Those which are problematic should be privatized or closed.
13. To give motives to the private sector so that jobs will be created.
14. Development of sport and conference tourism which will bring more revenue to our economy.
15. Promotion of the tourist product to new markets different than Britain and Scandinavia.
16. To improve the tax system and to combat tax evasion.
17. To combat profiteering by checking the prices of the basic goods.
18. To rearrange the shifts of civil servants in order to cover shifts with their service to eliminate overtime. Simultaneously some of them should be transferred to higher workload departments.
We want a nationalist cooperative economy that respects and protects private initiative and property. The State must protect society from the whims of the capitalists.
The exposure of the banking sector to the toxic greek bonds added to our debt almost 17 billion euros. That amount raised the debt ratio at 130% of the GDP.
The memorandum came as an easy solution to the deadlock state policy to meet the financial needs of the public and to ensure the preservation of Cypriot banks.
From the very first moment E.LA.M. was totally opposed to the borrowing from the troika and to the creation of a memorandum as we saw the devastating effects that had brought to Greece.
We believe that the memorandum destructs the National Sovereignty and therefore it cannot be accepted. Furthermore the increased taxation will bring negative effects to our society.
That agreement will bring suffering to our country. For example:
·       Decrease in salaries and pensions.
·       Additional taxes.
·       Dramatic rise of unemployment.
·       Coverage of profiteers.
·       Overthrow of the Welfare State.
·       National sovereignty will go to foreign usurers.
·       Resetting of the development and production.
·       The selling of the country’s infrastructure and public wealth.
·       The sell out of the underground “treasure”. The worsening of the economic crisis in Hellas and Cyprus happened after the discovery of gas and oil.
·       Weakening of national defense.
·       Gradual recognition of the occupied area- pseudostate.
·       An agreement of a loose federation as a possible solution.
·       The banking sector is largely responsible for the crisis and needs to be sanitized. A research is needed for the top managers and the shareholders who were sharing the profits from the banks.
·       People shouldn’t pay the debts of the banks.
·       We must not sell out our national wealth.


It has been proven that the Easter Mediterranean basin and the Aegean Sea have rich deposits of hydrocarbons. That will help Hellas and Cyprus in the mid of the economic crisis and will give them a new geopolitical weight in the area. A stable position of the National People’s Front-E.LA.M. is the declaration of a joint EEZ with Hellas and a strong defense to the Turkish threats. The strategic depth of Hellenism, for us, consists of the Aegean islands, the sea between Hellas and Cyprus until the eastern end of the Cypriot EEZ. Hellenism must control this area.
We recommend the following options:

1. The appropriate use of the National Hydrocarbons Company for the right exploitation of the natural resources located inside the limits of our EEZ. Cooperation with foreign companies that will transfer their knowledge to Cyprus.

2. The development of an industry with the necessary infrastructure for the management of the excavated hydrocarbons.
3. The state should create research projects in collaboration with academic institutions to develop technologies related to mining, oil and gas management. It can also provide motives for the development of technology based on natural gas which can be applied in daily life (car traffic, heating, industry ecc).


For the National People’s Front- E.LA.M., defense is considered the shield of our country.
We demand:

1. The strengthening and modernization of the “National Guard” and the other security forces of Cyprus Republic.
2.  To enable the national doctrine of defense between Hellas and Cyprus and to collaborate closely with the Hellenic Armed Forces.
3. The regeneration of the reserve forces so that they will be well trained.
4. To cultivate the national spirit and to beat defeatism.
5. To fight the phenomenon of not serving the country with severe penalties for anyone trying to avoid it.
6. The direct solution of the problems the staff of the armed forces has been facing for years.
7. Strict control of the money the taxpayers give for the defense.

The field of the public order and justice is very important for the safety of the citizens and the attraction of investments.
That’s why we recommend the upgrading of the training of the internal security forces, namely the Police, the Fire Department and the Port Police.
Due to the increase of crime, the right of self defense by any mean should be legislated.

The area of Justice requires substantial structural changes. The long delay in the decisions even to the simple cases exacerbates impunity.
Keeping in mind of what had happened after the destruction at Mari, we demand the abolition of the immunity of MPs.
 We believe that part of the legislation should be introduced at our schools. Simultaneously it should be presented to the public via radio and TV emissions.


After Cyprus entered to the E.U., the country is full of immigrants from the community and illegal third world immigrants most of whom come from muslim countries of Africa and Asia. They cause an irreversible demographic, religious and cultural deterioration of our country. A great number of them enter through the Turkish occupied part of the island with the blessings of the Turkish army and of the pseudostate.

We believe that the phenomenon of the migration is supported by certain circles.
First of all from the parties of the Left and from certain NGO’s which have questionable funding sources.
Second from the neoliberal Right, which is subservient to the dictates of the international capital.
Those positions have caused a demographic alteration of the Hellenic population of Cyprus.
A serious problem in the cohesion of our society is the continuous flow of EU immigrants. It is needed an immediate action to change this status quo. The excuse that “we cannot do anything to change it” is erroneous and anti national.
It is a matter of national, economical, demographical survival. As we express the popular Nationalism we proclaim a radical readjustment on immigration policy. This way we defend the majority of our compatriots.
The proposals of the National People’s Front are specific.
We demand:

1. The immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants.
2. The creation of a special police unit which will be charged with illegal immigrants.
3. To determine a specific number of foreign immigrants who could stay in Cyprus according to the needs of our economy.
4. To renegotiate with the EU about the maximum number of European workers who can stay in Cyprus.
5. The immediate deportation of any immigrant, European or not, that has committed serious criminal offences.
6. A faster handling of the cases of political asylum seekers and the deportation of those whose applications have been rejected.
7. Elimination of benefits for political refugees and asylum seekers.
8. The creation of specific accommodation for asylum seekers until the examination of their cases, providing them with the basic needs for subsistence.
9. They should offer social work until the examination of their cases.


Education is one of the leading factors of a Nation. For the National People’s Front- E.LA.M., a proper education is the one that will enlighten the new generations with the spirit of liberation.
Our children will be brought up with the right education.
Education should be free, public and designed to inspire young people with the love towards their proper nation and race. At the same time we must give a correct scientific education that will ensure the future of the youth.
The curriculum should cultivate student’s critical spirit and discipline.
A lot of the weaknesses of our society are caused by our education system which fails to give our students the right foundation leading them to the imitation of foreign rather than Hellenic standards.
About the higher education we suggest the existence of both public and private universities which should be strictly controlled by the State. Academic freedom should be guaranteed. The Universities should be self-governed but also supervised by the Ministry of Education.
Education should be close to the Hellenic Orthodox tradition but at the same time modern and able to cultivate to students the vision of national liberation.

The social Policy of a State is applied for specific reasons. The providence to families in need strengthens the social cohesion.
The National People’s Front - E.LA.M.  believes that a greater attention should be given to social issues so that we can have an increase in birth rates.
We demand for a raise to the funds that are given as a child benefit and as allowances to large families.
Our target is that the birth rate should be at 2,1 children per woman in order to deal with the demographic problem.
We would like to increase the tax-free threshold for each additional child a family has. It should be given additional aids to large families.
Specific social groups should be supported like refugees, single families and disabled people.
We disagree with the equitation of those groups to illegal aliens, asylum seekers and political refugees.
Those funds should be given to Greeks and not to foreigners.
The National People’s Front will continue to show solidarity to Greeks in need by distributing clothes, food and general relief’s items.
Social Policy helps to maintain the social cohesion. The incorrect Social Policy brings discord to society.


The National People’s Front expressed its doubt for the E.U, since the beginning of its creation.
As Hellenes we belong to European peoples among whom there must be cooperation and solidarity.
The EU is not what we as nationalists envision. We do not want a super state in which the international capital and the bureaucracy of Brussels are in charge.
We do not support the federalism of Europe like the American model. The decisions of the national states should be more important to those of the European Parliament. National Sovereignty is a very important factor. As a matter of fact E.LA.M. is the only political party that denounces the political establishment to amend the Constitution 2006 (ARTICLE 1) which placed the State inferior to the EU and until today it remains hidden to the public.  
 The creation of Euro brought heavy taxations, increased prices, reduced living standards, unemployment and less social welfare. The average standard of growth in the Euro zone is far less than those countries out of it.
On the other hand there are some positive things in the EU. According to the European aquis we can support our arguments against the bi-zonal Federation. But unfortunately within the European Parliament the Turkish propaganda finds its own path.
The National People’s Front is opposed to Turkey’s entrance to the E.U. We believe that Turkey neither geographically nor culturally belongs to Europe. A possible entrance of that country could change dramatically the demographic data of Cyprus and of the remote areas of Hellas because of the principle of the free movement of the turkish citizens.
We envision a Europe of the Nations where the local peoples would cooperate and be allies distant from transatlantic patrons.
A continent free of bureaucracy, capitalists and bankers.
For that kind of Europe we will strive with other European nationalist movements.


E.LA.M. believes that our health system is reeling. We highlight the indifference of the state and the lack of planning.

We demand:

1. To stop the deterioration of public health.This leads the patients to the private sector.

2. To terminate the priority and free medical care to turkishcypriots and foreigners in our hospitals against our compatriots.

3. We demand respect to the right of free medical care to our compatriots.

4. It is better to prevent than to cure- Hippocrates.
To institutionalize the participation of a small amount of patients to clinical and laboratory tests in order to save money and to reduce waiting lists.

5. To institutionalize medical protocols by the Ministry of Health. That will increase the efficiency of the health system.


As a nationalist movement it is part of our ideology to love and respect our land. The environmental protection is our priority because too many environmental problems to our planet will harm our country as well.
We have already experienced the reduction of the annual rainfall while many scientists warn that Cyprus is at risk of desertification.
E.LA.M. proposes the following measures for the protection of the environment:

1. The improvement of public transports within and among cities. The limited use of automobiles reduces the pollutants.
2. To create investments for renewable energy. The subsidy of the photovoltaic systems for the households will help. Solar energy should be exploited in Cyprus.

3. To give an emphasis to recycling. All illegal landfills should close and it must be imposed heavy penalties on those who continue to pollute the environment.

4. To make a study on energy from waste, just like
the Nordic countries reducing in this way the amount of trash and our dependence from hydrocarbons.

5. The adoption of legislation on mandatory fitting of special filters on the smokestacks of factories.

6. To upgrade the fire and forestry departments and the forest rangers.

7. The reforestation of areas hit by fires.

8. To cultivate at schools the environmental awareness.


Culture is the foundation and heritage of a healthy national society. For this reason E.LA.M. strives for a greater promotion of the Hellenic culture. Civilization is the legacy our ancestors left to us. As the international financial system promotes globalization, the Hellenic civilization is a shield to those plans.
We support the upgrading of cultural services of the state but with a radically different perspective and goals than those of today. We should be focused towards the strengthening of the Hellenic culture through the enhancement of our monuments and sites of historical memory.
On the other hand we should stop the subsidies of various artists who promote anti Hellenic and immoral ideas that cultivate the spiritual decline of our society.


Hellenes of Cyprus,

The NATIONAL PEOPLE’s FRONT- E.LA.M. is the resistance  against  the attempted De-Hellenization of our country. Having as a lighthouse and guidance the sacrifices and the struggles of the heroes of our nation, we fight for freedom and for the survival of Hellenism in our island.
We invite you to give this battle with us for a Hellenic and free Cyprus.