Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ammochostos – Political rally.

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Another successful event of the National People’s Front took place at Liopetri in the free area of Ammochostos district.

Many nationalists of the province participated at E.LA.M.’s political rally and were informed about the positions of the movement.

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The first speech was of  Nepheli Kourti who referred to the role of women not only in the movement but also at the social interventions of E.LA.M.

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Then it was the time of the responsible for the Media. Geadis Geadi analyzed the positions of the movement on the Cypriot issue.

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The third speaker was Linos Papagiannis, head of Ammochostos district, who talked about the problems on the economy especially those of the province.

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Last but not least was the president of E.LA.M., Christos Christou, who explained to the public the reasons why the nationalists should be in the Parliament. He asked our compatriots to support with all their efforts the nationalist movement in this hard period for Hellenism.

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At the end, the participants discussed with our delegates about various issues and expressed their willingness to give an end to the political establishment by sending E.LA.M. to the Parliament.

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