Sunday, May 31, 2015

A New Europe


Over the last few years we have witnessed a great shift in the mentality of European people. The success of Golden Dawn, which – without losing or discarding its ideological identity –  also achieved undeniable political effects, is a symbol of what many nationalists in Europe ceased to believe long ago: when expressing our believes we cannot take a single step back, because these ideas are our stronghold that must be defended at all costs.

The effects of submitting to political correctness could be witnessed in France, where the National Front became yet another liberal party that fights only for its own existence and not for the well-being and development of the nation – the goals for the achievement of which it had been founded.

Fortunately – and I say this with a lot of satisfaction – the path trodden by the Golden Dawn, ELAM or NOP is the only right way to go. We do not abandon our goals and our policies. We do not fight for individual interests but for the welfare of the community of which we are members. Therefore, our credo remains the same: no concessions to the enemies.

Our goal is a Europe of Free Nations, a Europe based on the principles of Christian civilization. We must liberate Europe and our nations from totalitarian Bolshevik European Union. We need to stop the immigration of non-Europeans which destroys our culture. We need to stop the dismantling of the traditional model of life, which is done by promoting homosexuality and other perversions. Finally, we need to free Europe from the political influence of Zionism, which entangles us in unnecessary wars and conflicts.

The basic aim of our actions is the reconstruction of a Europe of Free Nations, a Europe of Nation States, independent of artificial political authorities that create their own imaginary world contrary to the interests of the Europeans.
The real Europe is a continent of sovereign states led in compliance with the interests of their nations; states built on the eternal rules of the Christian civilization.

A Europe that is separated from Christianity is just a melting pot of small interests that are impossible to solve and that can be easily dominated by forces that aim at destroying all that testifies to our identity: faith, freedom, honour and pride.
It is the Christian civilization that shaped modern nations, instilled universal ethics into their minds, gave strength to the family, secured economic and social liberty to the whole European community.
We say: a Christian Europe, and what we mean by that is true Christianity, strong in the pride and strength of nations and not a rusty system of pseudo-Christian philosophy which turns people into a submissive mob, obedient to the rulers of the new world order. History has shown that in times when Christianity was violated, laws and national freedom were also violated.

Contemporary history of Europe is marked with the blood of its best sons. Two world wars, unleashed contrary to the interests of nations, in the name of local economic interests of small establishment groups and ill imperial phantoms, led to destroying true national elites, to economic destruction and limiting freedom on the continent. This cannot happen ever again.

 We live in a specific political reality. We do not take offence at it – it is simply there and we have to plan some of our actions with relation to it. Today's Europe has been dominated by the ill system of the European Union. This quasi-state organization whose undisguised aim is to completely destroy nations and their states governs according to its own laws. They are strange to us but, at the same time, it is hard not to notice some gaps in them that could be used for our cause. The example of Greece, where national forces are able to efficiently achieve measurable political success, without giving up its own ideological identity at all, is a confirmation of that. Our goal is to increase and intensify them. We must learn to operate globally, on the scale of the whole continent, in order to achieve local success - the safety and development of our nations and states.

That is why it is so important to develop a cooperation between genuine nationalist movements and to achieve the goal of national revival of the whole Europe by working together and not giving up to political games of enemy forces.

 Many things have already been made to achieve these goals, but a lot still has to be done. But we can say for sure that tomorrow is ours!


Adam Gmurczyk (b. 1964) - the President of Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski (National Rebirth of Poland), historian and publicist. Editor-in-chief of "Szczerbiec" [a name of the historic coronation sword of Polish kings], in circulation since 1991.

Among other positions, Adam Gmurczyk was also one of the founders of the Third Position movement. During communist occupation he headed the NOP academic structures, organized strikes at the universities, and served as the head of the underground publisher called "Jestem Polakiem ("I am a Pole") and the magazine of the same name (published between 1983 and 1989)

NOP is a nationalist movement that started 1981 under the communist occupation and evolved into a legitimate political party after the fall of the communist government in 1989. Internationally, NOP has for many years worked closely with Golden Dawn and ELAM, among others. NOP was the first national organization of Europe that responded to the arrest of the leaders of the Golden Dawn and organized protests in their defence across whole Europe.

Published on the newpaper " Southern Hellas", May 2015