Sunday, April 5, 2015


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On April 1, the National People’s Front honoured the E.O.K.A. struggle with delegations all over Cyprus.
The highlight of the day was the event organized by our movement in a hall in Lefcosia.
This year we had as guests the three MEPs of Golden Dawn!

Hundreds of nationalists gathered at the Lefcosia hall to hear and meet our MEPs. Among them were representatives of the occupied cities, veterans of E.O.K.A, of the 1964 war, prisoners of the 1974 turkish invasion and relatives of missing soldiers and civilians.
The event started with a brief speech of a veteran of war, Mr. Neoptolemos  Georgiou who celebrated his 90th  birthday !

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Second was the head of the Press Office, Geadis Geadi, with an ideological talk about the commitment to the struggle of the younger generations.

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It was the time of the first MEP, General, Eleftherios Synadinos to refer to the history of the E.O.K.A. struggle, which was done for the liberation and the unity of the island to mother Hellas.

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Next MEP was General, George Epitidios who stressed what the political line of Hellas and Cyprus would be, in order to fulfill the E.OK.A. targets.

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MEP, Lambros Fountoulis, analyzed the work done at Brussels by our MEPs and their commitment to defend Cyprus and Hellas.

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Then it was the turn of Petros Koundoureshis, who on behalf of the political Council of the movement, talked about the aims of E.LA.M.

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Finally yet importantly, was the president of E.LA.M. , Cristos Cristou who responded to the party of DI.KO, which was opposed to the visit of the MEPs. He then added that the nationalists have as an example the E.O.K.A struggle.

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Michalis Pilides, representative of the Assia missing people offered gifts to the MEPs and at the end the president of E.LA.M. awarded the MEPs and Mr. Neoptolemos Georgiou.

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The event ended with the national anthem of Hellas and that of Golden Dawn.

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