Monday, February 23, 2015


Since the ancient years, Cyprus has been inhabited by Greeks and remains Greek up to today. It is historically proven and scientifically-archaeologically uncontradictable that Cyprus developed the Greek culture and later the Greek Orthodox culture, and the Greek element has always existed as the most powerful one on the island.

The community of Turks in Cyprus, even if it constitutes an important numerical minority (18%) should be seen as:
 a) A product of the violent Turkish conquest of 1570-71,
b )The islamification  of the Greeks as  a method of the Ottoman Empire and later of the  secular state of Kemal
c) Mass and outlaw colonization

 The Greek character of Cyprus was not disputed by anyone. The demand of Union with Greece has always constituted widespread healthy national feeling.
Only after 1974, and from various circles who produced the so called “Cypriot conscience “, it was cultivated the fable that “Cyprus is not Greek”. This argument is a result of the illegal invasion of 1974, of the syndrome of defeatism, of the promotion of the “bi-communal dialogue”, and of the opening up of barricades.

·        The sign “Cyprus is Hellenic” stresses:
·       The historical truth,
 The necessity of application of the Right of Self-determination of Greek Cypriots,
·       The placement of the issue of Cyprus as a problem of illegal invasion and continuing possession from Turkey of the northern part of Cyprus, that is Greek, with rich cultural discoveries
·       The reinforcement of national identity of Greek Cypriots towards  dangers like globalisation,  immigration.
The inconsistency of ALL political parties toward the Historical Truth, the insufficiency of Greek political leadership.
The confusion that causes the circles of “ Cypriot identity ” which are politically expressed in AKEL  ( the communist party )and has practically resulted in  the change of books of history.
The selling out of policy “I DO NOT FORGET” ,the substitution of the Greek flag from public buildings and the repeated statements of our President   that Cyprus is not Greek .

 • Double Union
 • De facto partition (potentially with return of part of territory).
 • Continuation of the present situation.
The above solutions legalise the Turkish invasion of 1974.
They strengthen the psychological syndrome of Defeatism and worsen the crisis of national identity.

They create serious precedent for the Aegean Sea and Thrace (a greek region bordering with Turkey ). They upgrade Turkey , which will increase its claims .

Stratos Karanikolaou

Foreign Relations - E.LA.M.