Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Golden Dawn - National Elections, January 2015

Golden Dawn is proud to announce it has emerged as the 3rd largest political party in Greece following the National elections on the 25th of January. Golden Dawn secured 6.3% of the vote, with 17 MPs officially elected. Below are the names and electorates of Golden Dawn Members of Parliament:
  •     Nikos Michaloliakos - DISTRICT A, ATHENS
  •     Antonis Gregos – DISTRICT A, THESSALONIKI
  •     Nikos Kouzilos - DISTRICT A, PIREUS
  •     Konstantinos Barbarousis – AITOLOAKARNANIA
  •     Giorgios Galeos – ARGOLIDA
  •     Ilias Kasidiaris – ATTIKI
  •     Michalis Arvanitis – ACHAIA
  •     Eleni Zaroulia – DISTRICT B, ATHENS
  •     Giorgios Germenis - DISTRICT B, ATHENS
  •     Ilias Panayiotaros - DISTRICT B, ATHENS
  •     Fotis Grekos - DISTRICT B, THESSALONIKI
  •     Ioannis Lagos – DISTRICT B, PIREUS
  •     Nikos Michos – EVIA
  •     Grigoris Hatzisavvas – KILKIS
  •     Despina Sveroni – Hondronasiou – LARISSA
  •     Artemis Matthaiopoulos – SERRES
  •     Christos Papas - STATE

Against the odds

The state, the judiciary system, the media, and the anarchists terrorists have tried tirelessly to silence Golden Dawn and to prevent them from securing their place in the Greek parliament. Against all odds, Golden Dawn has stood strong against the largest political persecution in the country since the fall of the Junta, as well as 2 murders, countless bomb attacks, an endless propaganda war waged by the media, and massive restrictions on the political activism of wrongly arrested MPs.

During the elections, we saw anarchists thugs attack Golden Dawn voters in Petropouli & Gallipoli, as well as the State preventing a Golden Dawn MP from voting. Despite the systems attempt to intimidate Golden Dawn voters, the Nationalists have emerged victoriously as the 3rd largest political party in Greece, much to the dislike of many ‘internationalists’ who seek to continue plundering Greece unhindered.


As the internationalists lost their trust in Samaras to do their bidding, a new ruler was being groomed to take lead of the Greek government, which leads us to the rise of Tsipras. It was no surprise that Syriza had emerged as the leading party, given how a large part of the media staunchly supported them in the lead up to elections.

In the media war, there was just the right amount of ‘uncertainty’ and ‘distrust’ publicised from a handful of Brussels Bureaucrats to the Greek public. This was intentional, and was to falsely lead many to believe that Syriza is some sort of ‘radical’ party that will make the oligarchs pays, and bring back Greece’s standard of living prior to the economic crisis by ending austerity. Unfortunately for the anti-austerity voters, Syriza is not what they claim to be, as they are in bed with the international bankers.

We hope this new government will end the memorandum, but given the fact that Goldman Sachs predicted Tsipras inevitable election, and are not in any way concerned about Syriza, we are extremely doubtful that such a promise will be held with the honour and respect it deserves.  Syriza’s top MPs have large amounts of money invested in the same international banks that robbed Greece, and we have seen Tsipras fly to London and New York to assure the international loan sharks all is under control. Syriza’s reputation is now on the line, as they have made big promises to the Greek people.

The future

Golden Dawn will stop at nothing to continue their struggle for a liberated Greece. With our leader and other MPs due to be released in March, Golden Dawn will return stronger than ever. The political persecution is now crumbling, and from it will rise a greater Dawn.

Meanwhile, Syriza has been elected on a promise to the Greek people to end austerity, but has pledged the exact opposite to the internationalists. We know Syriza will choose the bankers over the Greek people, and will not fulfil their pledge to end the memorandum. With our leader and MPs free from the false charges, they will publically shame the traitors for their lies and deceit.

With Syriza’s promises to the Greek people all but broken, Golden Dawn will emerge as the only viable option to end austerity. When the ‘radical Marxists’ are unmasked to the Greek people for the shameful capitalists liars that they are, the Nationalists will win over the hearts of the people with their uncompromised drive to free Greece from the international loan sharks.

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