Tuesday, December 2, 2014

London: NOP and British nationalists in support of the Golden Dawn

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On Saturday, 29th of November, the National Rebirth of Poland organized another solidarity protest with imprisoned comrades from the Golden Dawn. The demonstration was held in London. This time Polish patriots were reinforced by their British friends.
The local leftists tried to organize a counter-protest, but they didn’t achieve much, apart from some screams coming from a small group of antifa militants and their non-White “Greek” allies.

The main speech during this meeting was held by Arkadiusz Rzepiński, NOP:
I proudly represent the NOP – The Polish nationalistic movement. We have been cooperating with the Golden Dawn for many years. During this time our Greek friends showed clearly that they are a true, uncompromising nationalistic movement, which for us is very important.
In the whole world there are people of similar views, who pass the truth to their kinsmen, in order to set them free. And every time they start speaking – they face repressions of scared liars. Those corrupted cowards are the liberal system, which we encounter every day in our struggle for freedom.
The Golden Dawn – the most dynamic, broadly supported and legal movement of free Greeks is constantly attacked, and its leaders are being held illegally in prison for more than a year for being a threat to the rouge pack, which ruined Greece and is ruining Europe.
Liberals are attacking our values, our European civilization and our culture, which our forefathers built for nearly 2 thousand years. But Europe still has its honor. We said: enough! National Revolution is spreading in many countries. Its main symbol is Greece and the Golden Dawn.
The liberal system feels the loop of rope on its neck. The more they attack us, the stronger answer they receive.
We marched on Rome and succeeded. Now we are marching on Athens, Warsaw, London and the whole Europe. Freedom for the Golden Dawn! Europa Invicta! Raise your standards high!
Finally, it is worth to mention, that last year of NOP’s activity in the UK influenced positively our British comrades. Polish nationalists, forced to emigrate from their land, with their example of engagement and courage to stand up on the streets (which is normal and regular in Poland) are revitalizing politically polarized British groups. Although we will never abandon our homeland, we are always ready to support our nationalistic comrades radically, wherever we are.
It is because the Third Position seeks to build a New Social Order that it recognizes that all peoples and cultures, who adhere to the basic tenets of the Third Position, must work together closely in an air of mutual trust and support. Since the victory of a National Revolution in one part of the world is a victory for all Third Positionists, it follows that each affiliated member must be prepared to give moral, financial or technical assistance, where possible, should a revolutionary situation emerge in any given country. Parochialism in an age when the One World Ideology is striding to total victory is a complete negation of everything we profess, and thus is vigorously rejected by the Third Position.