Thursday, November 20, 2014

The youth of E.LA.M. against the turkish pseudostate of Cyprus

Hundreds of Greek Cypriot students, both from Nicosia (the centre of the event) and from Pahpos, have spoken out against the will of the New World Order. These Hellenes understand that they have a duty to our ancestors; a debt to those gave their very lives for the future of our people. Unfortunately that debt has been purposely forgotten by the left, who prefer to pursue a hedonistic, self-destructive lifestyle that is compromising the future of Hellenism in Cyprus.

The 2 cities of Nicosia & Paphos where shaken by the Greek Nationalists slogans of the National People’s Front (E.L.A.M) who marched against Turkish settlers who (encouraged by Ankara) illegally occupy Cyprus.

While the status quo in Cyprus is to remain passive and subservient to Turkish aggression, the youth remain at the forefront in the struggle for liberation. Disregarding the politically correct climate created by the internationalists and corrupt politicians, the students where outspoken in their desire for the liberation of Cyprus and against any outlandish form of federation. The Greeks have lived in Cyprus for thousands of year, the Turks (the huge majority who have come since the 70s) are recent colonisers, there can be no compromise on the future of Greek Cyprus.

The Youth Front of E.L.A.M states that the struggle for a single, free, Greek Cyprus will continue unabated until the final victory, which is our ultimate goal. We will win because we have faith in our strength and the law on our side.

Towards the end of peaceful protest, near the Ledra Palace checkpoint, the students were attacked by ‘Turkish Cypriot’ invaders, who pelted stones at them. Following the event, the media, which obviously panicked at the growing strength of the Nationalist youth, tried to convince their readers that the attendees where not E.L.A.M or Nationalist supporters, but many where simply ‘students’ who attended the event.

Below is the statement issued by the Youth Front E.L.A.M

“The Front Youth would like to clarify its position between students and settlers – who are referred to as Turkish "Cypriots". The attacks began at the end of the event of the National People's Front (E.L.A.M.) and while everything flowed smoothly for the Nationalists students, who were leaving peacefully, stones where unnecessarily thrown from the occupied side.

Students reacted as expected to the stones in order to protect themselves and their peers. The fully armed police (for what reason, felt the need to be equipped in such a way?)  - pushed students without taking any steps to stop the stone throwers from Turkish "Cypriot" side. Our countrymen where forced to endure stones that were thrown at us, while dozens of passing cars suffer huge losses from the manic assault of the Turks.

Once again the brothers & friends, for some, managed to showcase their culture. Unfortunately we will witness relentless smear against the students from all over the political world that abounds against them with various decorative adjectives. Meanwhile, nobody is going to condemn the provocative attitude of the Turkish "Cypriots", which immediately will baptize the settlers, and not to spoil this game which they made.

Finally, regarding the slanderous newspaper Politis, which tried separating students from the members of the National People's Front (E.L.A.M.), to inform them that the event is organized by the Youth Front, but the attendees were only pupils and students".