Saturday, November 15, 2014

E.LA.M in the European Parliament

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On Monday the 10th of November Golden Dawn and E.LA.M. organized a presentation of the Cypriot problem at the European Parliament in Brussels.
In the event participated the MEPs of Golden Dawn, the president and the political board of E.LA.M, MEPs and delegations of other European Nationalist Movements and many Hellenes and citizens of other countries.

Mr. Sinadinos (MEP-GD) talked about the history of the cypriot problem from the Second World War onwards.
Golden Dawn’s MEP stressed the struggle of the Greeks of Cyprus for the Union (Enosis) with Helllas.
Second speaker was Mr. Epitidios Georgios.  The MEP referred to the events from the proclamation of the turkish pseudostate of Cyprus in 1983 to the Annan Plan a few years ago. He also emphasized to the fact that Turkey will never enter the E.U. in the presence of Golden Dawn in the European parliament!
Then it was the time of the father of one of our murdered heroes to hold his speech. Mr. Lampros Fountoulis ( MEP-GD) referred to the military balance in East Mediterranean, to the violation of human rights in Cyprus and he ended with a touching poem.

On behalf of the legal department of Golden Dawn Mr. Aggelos Ioannou analised the crime of the illegal Turkish settlement in Cyprus.
Finally yet importantly, was the President of E.LA.M Mr. Christos Christou who analyzed the vision of the Hellenic Nationalists for the Cypriot problem. He reminded to the audience that in 1912 the Turkish flagship “ Barbaros” was twice beaten by “ Averof” stressing the fact that at the time there was in Hellas a nationalist leadership that drove the nation towards victory.
In the end of his speech, Mr. Christou invited all the nationalist MEPs to take part at the manifestation against the Turkish occupation of Cyprus that will take place, on 20 July 2015, in Lefcosia.
The successful event ended with the hymns of Golden Dawn and Hellas.

Even without financial support the National People Front – E.LA.M. brought in light the Hellenic view of the Cypriot problem in the heart of the E.U. 

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