Saturday, November 15, 2014

E.L.A.M - The Golden Dawn of Cyprus

The National People’s Front (E.L.A.M) attended a series with meetings last week with MPs and senior members of Golden Dawn. Founded in 2008,E.L.A.M is a brother organisation of Golden Dawn, and the only legitimate Social Nationalist organisation that speaks on behalf of Greek Cypriots.
The discussions with Golden Dawn related to the current events in Cyprus, including economics problems, scandals, as well as the recent provocations from Turkey. Turkey is currently engaged in purposely invading Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and violating Cyprus’s sovereignty as a nation.   

The Golden Dawn – expressed full support to the Greeks of Cyprus, and the officials of E.L.A.M where rest assured that ‘for the People’s Nationalist Movement of the Golden Dawn, Cyprus is Greek!’

The briefings continued unabated for what is really happening in Cyprus, such as the fake politicians from the corrupt system which selling the country off to the highest bidder. It was important to hear firsthand about the truths that are happening to our fellow Hellenes in Cyprus, unspoiled by the media lies.

The struggle will continue for the liberation of Cyprus, and neither Golden Dawn nor E.L.A.M will sell out Cyprus to the bankers or internationalists, not even for the highest sum imaginable!