Saturday, October 4, 2014

Victory for Golden Dawn Over Pro-Government Newspaper: “Ethnos” Newspaper found guilty by the Civil Court

After a year of declaring “war” on Golden Dawn with a never - ending series of lies and character assassination against us, the decision of the Thessaloniki Court has put an end to this Venizelo-Samara Junta mouthpiece’s shameful and provocative free run.

Let’s remember that in the Sunday edition of the “Ethnos” of 2nd of June 2013, a two-page defamatory slander against Golden Dawn MP Antonis Gregos was published with the title: “Parliamentarian armed with a gun in the night”.

The Court has accepted the case of Antonis Gregos against the company “Ekdosis Ethnos AE” and their representatives: Mr G. Bobolas, publisher and president of the Board of Directors, the Manager of the newspaper Thanassis Tsekouras, the Editorial Manager Babis Papadakis and the journalists Christos Telikis and Christos Kyriazis. The Court agreed that the Golden Dawn Parliamentarian had been defamed, slandered and suffered moral damage to his reputation based on the publications of the paper.
The Court decision with the case decision number 14054:

CONDEMNS the defendants as a whole to pay the plaintiff 30,000 euros, as financial compensation for the moral damage he has suffered, including legal fees from the start of the matter.

IT OBLIGES the defendants at their own expense to-

  • publish in the newspaper “Ethnos On Sunday” a summary of the decision of the Court, which will include
  • the case decision number
  • the date the decision was published
  • the full name of the plaintiff
  • the full name of the article in question
  • the phrases which were considered defamatory and abusive
  • the page of the original article
  • the original date of publication
  • publish all the above in the same place where the original article was published

  • publish the above within 15 days of the Courts final decision or else pay 2,934.70 euros PER DAY for failure to comply to the Courts deadline

  • pay 2,934.70 euros at each instance of any future mention of the defamatory, false and untrue assertions spread by the article in question

IT WAS DECIDED, confirmed and published in an extraordinary hearing in Thessaloniki on 30 July 2014.

The above decision proves that when the corrupt political system does not interfere with the independence of the judiciary, justice shines. The decision of the Thessaloniki Court has dealt a strong blow to the slanderers and has given a clear and wise lesson in Justice.

It’s certain that if Justice and those that serve it had the power to carry out their duties (as in this case) then those responsible for the political and economic corruption in Greece over the past several decades would be in gaol and the political life of Greece wouldn’t be in such a rotten and disgraceful state.

The newspapers and TV channels should be concerned with revealing the massive economic scandals of the corrupt political establishment, instead of assuming the position of servants in the defamation and mudslinging against the third political power in the nation because we expose their servitude to the Venizelo Samara Junta.

Justice is near and the Truth will shine!