Sunday, October 19, 2014

E.LA.M's student was beaten by leftists

Μέτωπο Νεολαίας: Απάντηση στην φασιστική επίθεση της ΕΔΟΝ και στις αθλιότητες της ΜΑ.ΚΙ.

The regional student elections were held at Paphos , last week. According to the results E.LA.M. took one seat at the local council.
The result was not accepted by the parties of the establishment, which announced their … disaffection to the fact that a nationalist student will be among them.

Furthermore the members of the communist party attacked and the hit E.LA.M’s student!
As a result, the Youth Front released the following press announcement:

“The incident that took place at Paphos, shows from where the political violence derives. It is not the first time that leftists tried to harm nationalists with the silent approvement of the neo liberals.
Fifteen leftist hooligans attacked one student because he was of a different ideology. According to them, a nationalist student should not be elected at any kind of …democratic procedures!
Both communists and leftists promote hate and anti-Hellenic speech at schools, combined with criminal actions.
What would have happened if the dark protagonists had been from the other side?
We hope that justice will be attributed according to the laws of Cyprus Republic.
Those incidents will not stop or intimidate our actions and we will continue to defend the values of Hellenism”