Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thessaloniki: Golden Dawn honors the victims of the Asia Minor Catastrophe

On the coast of Asia Minor lies Smyrna, the cradle of Hellenism for thousands of years. 92 years ago, in 1922, thousands of souls, mostly women, children and elders where murdered by the Turks under the command of their leader Kemal Ataturk. This was a case of ethnic cleansing by the Turks, to remove the Greeks from their homeland which they had lived for thousands of years. Yet another genocide in the history of our people, which the anti-Greeks can never remove from our memory.
Honouring the sacred memory in the region of Central Macedonia, a memorial service was held at the church of Saint Sophia. During the service, the bishop of Smyrna laid the wreaths at the National Martyr Chrysostom Statue in respect of those who had fallen.
The ceremony was attended by members of Golden Dawn, including MPs Gregos and Zissimopolous and the political council member Tsakiris. Zissimopolous laid down the wreaths on behalf of the Nationalists of Golden Dawn.

The event was attended by a number of political & military authorities from nearby Thessaloniki. The exception of course was the mayor of Thessaloniki, the known anti-Greek Botsaris, who probably didn’t think the event was important enough to attend. For our readers, Mayor Boutaris is also on record for restoring the butcher Ataturk’s house, and planning to build mosques & memorials to honour the ‘fallen’ Ottomans while traveling to Istanbul to convince more Turks to come to Thessaloniki.

Unlike the treacherous leftist mayor who is too busy selling out Greece to make money off Turks, Golden Dawn will continue to honour the memory of forefathers, and represent the hundreds & thousands of voters who trust Golden Dawn to represent the interests of our people.