Sunday, September 28, 2014

Meligala: Golden Dawn honours the innocent victims of Communist killers

The communist party of Greece was founded in November 1918 by Avraam Benaroya, a Sephardic Jew from Bulgaria with ties to the city of Thessaloniki. As internationalists, they hated the Greek people & worked tirelessly to merge Greece with the cultureless & atheistic communist world. Towards the end of WW2, as the Germans began to evacuate the Balkans, the Communist forces began to take advantage of the instability in Greece to take over the country for their own political control.

In September 1944, the Communist bandits of EAM-ELAS sent Aris Velouchiotis to conquer the Peloponnese. EAM-ELAS, made up of communist Greek traitors and their bloodthirsty Bulgarian/Albanian partisan allies, sent an ultimatum to the authorities of Kalamata in the South of Greece. The city authorities refused to submit to red terror, and where soon attacked ruthlessly by the communist bandits. Outnumbered, the city survived for 6 days before slowly falling to the communists. Widespread looting, vandalism, rape and torture begin to take place, as over 4,500 women were chased by the Bolshevik terrorists.

Using Bulgarian and Soviet weapons, the Communists continued their attack on the civilians and defenders of the city. When the city finally fell, the communists began to take revenge on the civilians for the city’s refusal to submit to their initial demands. In order to save on ammunition, the Communists began to use knives, axes, and tools to brutally massacre the civilians of Meligala. Over 2,000 civilians, including many women and children were rounded up, tortured and slaughtered. Many of the victims were thrown into a well on the outskirts of Meligala, known as Pigado, which has since served as a memorial to those who were massacred.

Over 70 years later, Golden Dawn pays respect to the innocent victims of Meligala who were ruthlessly murdered by the communist killers. This week, thousands of Nationalists came to Meligala for the remembrance ceremony, only to have the corrupt Greek government send in the riot squad to block the event. The police had begun blocking anyone with a Golden Dawn insignia on their shirt, and undertook dozens of unnecessary arrests to disrupt the service. Over 1,000 Golden Dawn members were blocked from reaching the Well.

The Greek government is an absolute disgrace for not allowing Greeks to pay tribute to the victims of Meligala, and the Samaras Junta was denounced by Golden Dawn representatives Barbarousis, Polybius and Synadinos. Barbarousis went further to remind the corrupt Greek government that Golden Dawn will be here every year, and will never be stopped from paying their respect to the victims of the Communist terror. More photos & videos from the event can be found