Thursday, September 4, 2014

Amfipolis and the traitors

From the early 1990’s when the name issue regarding the USA’s “sponsor child” in South East Europe was being discussed, Golden Dawn announced that there could be no compromise over the name of our Macedonia, with the slavs of Skopia.

All other political parties accused us of being dangerous “fascists” and extremists. The left because they still had memories of their co-operation with Slavic Communists during the Greek Civil War and the right because they were trying to please their “masters” in the USA and so had to ignore the protests of the greek people about betraying the name “Macedonia”.
The “balanced” politicians of Greece (Golden Dawn are extremists…), the “wise guys” of the so-called academic world but also “journalists” agreed that Greece should not be tough on our northern neighbour because the issue was of “equal” importance to the slavs and the issue was about the name of the country only. Many of the above “balanced” voices didn’t even raise an eyebrow when the Star of Vergina was misused by the slavs as a “national” flag.

Only Golden Dawn warned that the slavs had their eye on more than the name and the symbols of Greece (which should not have ever been open to negotiation in the first place) but had their sights set on the Greek land of our Macedonia! 
The left and the right, under the influence of American and other foreign political organisations assured the Greek People that the slavs would never have territorial ambitions against our Macedonia, trying to calm the widespread popular resistance over this crime against Greece that continues until today.

Today Golden Dawn is proven correct and all the above “balanced” voices are proven wrong. The extremely important archaeological discovery at Amfipolis has led the Skopian archaeologist Pasko Kuzman to declare “it’s definitely a huge revelation, which is important for archaeology. However if we want to be correct about the results, we can only say that Amfipolis is in “Macedonia”. This way we are all satisfied with the current discovery”!

The traitors of Greek politics-especially New Democracy- will now put on a show of “patriotism” against this Skopian thief of Greek history with the aim of covering up all their crimes against the nation. Without question, the nerve of the Skopian archaeologist and every Skopian was born and encouraged by the traitors of greek politics. They are the ones who are negotiating the name of our Macedonia, the ones who announce to the United Nations that they are willing to accept the name “Macedonia” for the Slavic state to our north if there is a “geographical” word to separate it from the real Macedonia!

Golden Dawn does not back down an inch from it’s original stance on the name of the little state of the Skopians: no compromise over the name of our Macedonia! The statements of the Skopian archaeologist justify our “extremist” position and shows that the strategy of the traitors has failed. To the “balanced” traitors of Greece who serve foreign interests we shout as we did with pride and enthusiasm in the 1990’s


PS. The most faithful supporter of Skopian propaganda in Greece is the “IOS” newpaper. A swarm of articles have been written against Golden Dawn because of our clear Ethnic Nationalist stance on the Macedonia issue.

This same newspaper is the main source of lies in the conspiracy of the Samaras “government” against Golden Dawn. Their never-ending fairy tales about our movement and their open hate towards us is the basis of the Deputy Prosecutor Bourliotis’ findings “against” Golden Dawn and the main source of “evidence” in the current case against us. The reader can draw their own conclusions…