Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Artemis Mattheopoulos Released From Jail!

Artemis Mattheopoulos, whose appeal was upheld by an appeals  court was released from custody and made ​​the following statements:
“The fact that I was released in no way means that the political persecution against Golden Dawn has come to an end. The anti-Greek coalition continues to hold detainees completely illegally and unconstitutionally, MPs and party leaders,  are brutally held by the judiciary which they completely control.

Let my release be duplicaed for my fellow comrades who are like me,  they are not accused for acts, but for ideas. The struggle of the Golden Dawn continues unabated for the Homeland, National Sovereignty and Democratic Justice! “
It should be noted that no Greek TV station broadcast news about the release of comrade Mattheopoulos, in order to prevent the public from seeing their regime is a farce headed for collapse.
Artemis Mattheopoulos
Member of the Political Council of the People’s Association-
Golden Dawn