Friday, July 25, 2014

Turkish President celebrates the illegal Turkish invasion of Cyprus with Azeri and Pakistani Parliamentarians

40 years has passed since the illegal invasion and brutal occupation of Cyprus.

On the occupied side of Cyprus, Turkish Present Abdullah Gul arrived for an event to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Turkish invasion, who was also scheduled to meet with the occupation leader Dervis Eroglu and to meet the tomb of Raugf Denktash. The event was also joined by a number of MPs from Pakistani, Azeri parliamentarians, and a governor from the Autonomous Province of Gagauzia in Moldova.
The illegally occupied region of Cyprus is illegitimate and thus not internationally recognised, for the exception of Turkey. Given the unlawful status of occupied Cyprus, it is surprising that Pakistanis and Azeris not only visit but participate in the celebrations brutal Turkish occupation.

Ofcourse, the traitor Samaras has no problem with this and continues to strengthen ties with Azerbaijan.

The Pakistani MPs Sema Legkari Imran Jamil used the event to strengthen relations between Pakistan and occupied Cyprus and invited occupation leader Eroglu to visit Pakistan. Eroglu went further and described Pakistan as a “brotherly country” and a natural ally of occupied Cyprus.