Monday, July 21, 2014

Lefcosia - NOP took part at E.LA.M.'s manifestation

This year we had the honour to have as a guest, the representative of the NOP.
Michal Lewandowski participated at our demonstration on the 20th of July in Lefcosia, in remembrance of the turkish invasion to Cyprus in 1974.

Here is the speech of our comrade on behalf of the president of the NOP, Adam Gmurczyk :

Dear friends,

The 20th of July is a truly significant day for You, the Greeks. 40 years ago the Turkish Army invaded Cyprus and seized part of the island, forming
occupied zone.

Turkish ambitions of intruding Europe
are not something unfamiliar. Across the ages the free and Christian Europe have struggled with Ottoman threat more than once. In the 17th century the Polish king Jan III Sobieski put an end to Turkish inclinations for long years, routing the Ottoman Army in the battle of Vienna.

Nowadays, however, Turkey is even more dangerous opponent. Since it holds as well military as political support of the biggest World Powers. Turkey is an USA’s loyal watch-dog kept on a chain, guarding American-Jewish interests in the whole region.

Turkish ambitions and aspirations stand in contradiction to interests and ambitions of European nations.

We do not want Turkey in Europe, we do not want Turkey in Cyprus.

Cyprus is Greek, just like Kosovo is Serbian and Silesia belongs to Poland.

Every attempt of tearing national ground off the Motherland should be opposed.

In the contemporary world nationalistic movements and organizations are the force, which may achieve it.

Golden Dawn in Greece, ELAM in Cyprus, in Poland – National Rebirth of Poland.

Only plain, firm, ideological and political message can bring victory, therefore liberation for the whole Europe from civilization barbarity and cultural disarray.  

The most important in this battle is a simple rule: you do not negotiate with enemy.
With enemy you fight and defeat them.

ELAM is the force in Cyprus, which may and will lead, we strongly believe, to liberation of the country from Turkish occupation. ELAM is a golden dawn of approaching changes for Cyprus.

In your battle you can always count on us.

Michal Lewandowski-Vice president of NOP

on behalf of the predident of the movement

Adam Gmurczyk