Friday, June 13, 2014

23yo girl punched, kicked, stoned and thrown into the lake - With her dog!

This happened in a area called Vollsmose, an area populated with muslims and immigrants from middleeastern country's in Denmark, and the guys behind this murder attempt were muslims.

Stone throws, punches, kicks and then thrown into the lake.Thus ended Illum Sara Lund-Jensen walk with her dog in Odense, Denmark Tuesday night.The 23- year-old woman says she was out walking her five year old dog by a lake near Granparken when four muslims looked mad at the dog and owner .First the muslims asked questions about the dogs race and age, but suddenly it changed to anger.- One began to kick my dog , which made me really mad. Then one of them threw a stone at us , which touched my dog, says Sara Illum Lund -Jensen.She says that she tried to protect her dog against the aggressive boys. This brought herself in the firing line .- They knocked me to the ground and started kicking me and roll me into the lake. I was lying there along with my dog, while they threw several stones at us.Soaked and shaken:The four teens left the place, and then a elderly woman helped her out of the water.It was both soaked and deeply shaken says Sara Illum Lund -Jensen.