Monday, May 12, 2014

Golden Dawn Presents Candidates For European Union Election

While the establishment forces scrape the bottom of base culture and are presenting TV personalities, soccer players, and other pop culture figures to represent Greece in the European parliament, we are choosing a different path. We will be fielding truly distinguished Greeks that are the pride of our race to be the face of Golden Dawn and Hellenism to the world.
Dr. Basil Chalvatzoulis, MD PHD- Dr Chalvatzoulis is a heart surgeon of international repute. Fluent in 3 languages (English and Swedish) the doctor served in the Giorgo Papanikolaou Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic under the direction of the late professor Panayiotis Spyrou.Between 1985 and 1995, his wide array of knowledge played a pivotal role in preventing thousands of Greek patients from having to be transferred abroad. Thanks to his work and leadership, the Greek health system and Greek patients have saved untold amounts of money and lives.

Dr Chalvatzoulis also is a veteran of numerous other hospitals, where he served afterwards. He also served as First Vice President of the PAOK football club between 1996 and 2004. During his time there PAOK won two Greek cups, in 2001 and 2003. When asked of his greatest achievement, he cites a 7 bypass heart surgery in 1996. He is the only surgeon in Greece with such an accomplishment. His patient is still alive today.
Former Lt. General of the Special Forces Synadinos Eleftherios- Lt General Eleftherios served the Greek army for almost 4 decades as an officer. He graduated from military school in 1979 as a Second Lieutenant of Infantry. From then on he graduated from the Special Forces  School of Officers and the National Defense College. He has served in all types of units and has commanded the Special Forces of Greece from the bottom to the top.
Synadinos Eleftherios has commanded soldiers in Cyprus, the Greek Kosovo Force, and in May 2007 for 2 years, the 1 CCT TAX-AL. He was served as a staff officer in the 32 TAXPN in VSS and was the head Sector Planner for the Olympic Games. From March 2009 to March 2010 he held the rank of Brigadier, and was later promoted to the rank of Major.
He graduated from the Paratroopers in 1980. He has been honored with a wide variety of medals, commendations, and decorations. He is married with two children.
Georgios Epitideios- Lieutenant Epitideios graduated from the Military Academy, the Higher War College, and National Defense College. He has also went to Advanced Officers Artillery School in the United States and Greece. He is also a graduate of Public Law and Political Science, he got these degrees at the University of Athens. He is speaks both English and French.
He has also served as the Staff Officer at the Headquarters of the Allied Powers of Europe (SHAPE), the International Military Staff of NATO, and as a Director of the Department of Current Operations and Crisis Management of the Military Staff of the European Union (EUMS). He has handled matters for many years in NATO and the European Union (business plans, crisis management, doctrine, policy, exercise and operation logistics). He has represented Greece as a senior National Representative in the meetings for the design of exercises, both in doctrine and operational logistics for NATO and the European Union.
He has won as many medals and commendations as possible for his rank.  
In his address to the Greek people, after choosing to run for European Parliament as a Golden Dawn candidate, he said:
“The upcoming elections for Government and the European Parliament are particularly important because the outcome will largely determine whether and how our country will continue to exist as a free and sovereign state, and if Europe will continue to maintain its historical and cultural identity or will evolve into something completely different from what it is today.
The decisions taken at the European Parliament decide the fate of the nations of Europe and have a direct impact on our daily lives. It is therefore necessary for the voice of the Greek nationalists to be represented, as this is one of dynamism and for the defense of national interests.
During this period, our country is facing the greatest risk to its existence ever in its history as an independent state. We are being attacked by enemies, who by any means, seek to dismantle the elements which make up the concept of nation and state.
These specific forces seek to destroy religion, history, education, health, economy, justice, national defense and security, our cultural heritage, flagrantly disregard our Constitution and individual liberties, and arrested and detained illegally our Leader, deputies and officers  who were democratically elected into office, financially impoverishes the people, has forced a mass exodus of our youth, and has driven thousands of desperate countrymen to suicide.
Through all this turmoil, we must not remain indifferent- we must fight. I will fight to the fullest extent possible for my country. “
Georgios Epitideios
Lieutenant EA