Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Turkish EU membership-European Suicide

By Shetlandman-The membership of Turkey into the European Union would be nothing more than suicide for the European continent.
To allow free passage to the whole of Europe, jobs, housing, welfare and medical care to up to 72 million Muslim Turks would start to usher in end of our civilisation as we know it.
Turkey’s borders straddle Syria, Iran and Iraq; they would become Europe’s new border. Do you trust the Turks to police those borders to protect us from Islamic nut jobs intent on destroying us and enslaving our cultures and peoples to their so-called religion?
Of course you don’t, but the EU Commissioners and negotiators who are still in talks with the Turks about EU membership don’t seem to care. The Islamic nations must be laughing behind the collectible burqas that a mainly Christian and secular Europe would open its door wide open to near every Muslim upon this planet.

Turkey in the EU would mean easy movement for any Muslim in the Middle East to get it. Turkey’s helping, or rather turning a blind eye to Islamic terrorists using its soil as bases to make raids into Syria should be a warning to all.
On top of that Turkey’s leader Recep Tayip Erdogan is moving towards the Islamic hard-liners cause. He already welcomes with open arms Hamas and other Islamist anti-western leaders.
His anti-democratic credentials have been laid open for all to see with his latest banning of YouTube and Twitter across Turkey, why, because they are being used to show the Turkish people just how Erdogen and his Islamic cronies work.
To allow someone such as Erdogan into the EU organisation would be appalling. The man is becoming a dictator. Only the EU’s drive for an eastern Empire added to its Western one is continuing to allow such crazy EU membership talks to continue.
One opposition political party has now accused Erdogan of trying to seize control of the judiciary, this after a court lifted the ban on Twitter mush to Erdogan’s anger and threats.
Europe has already once dealt with the Ottoman Empire that ruled with terror across the Middle East and into areas of Easter Europe. It took a determined brave effort by Europeans to drive back the occupiers and soundly defeat them, we thought for good.
To allow Turkey to become the Gateway to Europe for all of Islam is paramount to madness amongst unelected EU Commissioners.
They must be stopped by the expected new elected nationalists and anti-mass immigration anti-EU MEP’s that are eagerly expected to be elected in Mays European Elections.
If not Scotland, the rest of the UK and Europe will become under grave danger and Islamic migration will flood into our lands threatening our very safety and destroying our culture, replacing it eventually with an Islamic one.
That is the intention of Islam, and many clerics not deny it either.
The sickness that the EU Commissioners and negotiators are suffering from will aid that cause.