Friday, April 18, 2014

Nick Griffin on Italian scandal against Forza Nuova

"EU hypocrites!" As Brussels' occupation regime suspends democracy in Italy, a guilty European Parliament gags Nick Griffin.
The EU Austerity puppet regime in Italy has unleashed a wave of police repression to prevent the radical nationalist Forza Nuova (New Force) winning a seat in next month's European elections.
The FN held a seat between 2004 and 2009, but was deprived of it when an artificial threshold was introduced to 'protect' the Italian Establishment from the impact of genuine Proportional Representation.
This time, however, Forza Nuova's growing organisation and support, combined with a successful legal challenge to the same artificial threshold in Germany by nationalists there, made them odds on to take a seat.

Horrified by the prospect of the FN's charismatic leader, Roberto Fiore, returning to Parliament, the puppet regime in Rome moved yesterday to abolish even the pretence of democracy in Italy.
In order to stand, every party has to collect a staggering total of 300,000 signatures. Even with its strong activist base, this was a tall order for the FN, but by yesterday its local officials in every region were on the home straight of collecting and submitting the required number.
So the regime ordered a wave of police raids. FN campaigners were dragged from the streets or their cars, thousands of signed nomination forms were seized and dozens of activists were held in police stations for hours.
Those who were falsely imprisoned were held until just after the deadline for submitting their nomination forms and signatures.
"It means that they've simply castrated democracy in Italy now, on top of doing the same in Greece, " says Nick Griffin, who has worked closely witb Mr Fiore for more than 30 years.
Mr Griffin rose during the final plenary session of the European Parliament today to raise the scandal and demand an emergency debate.
He did so just before a vote was due only a Report highly critical of Russia over an alleged lack of democracy. But despite the fact that MEPs are routinely allowed to use a point of order to raise matters totally unconnected either to the votes or indeed to Parliament, he alone in the five year term was simply stopped from speaking in the huge chamber by having his microphone cut off.
Fortunately, you can see what he was going to say and make up your own mind as to why Nick was barred from speaking:
"Madam President,
Yet again we vote on a report full of insane sabre-rattling against 'undemocratic' Russia (at this point the left and liberals started howling!) But as the nominations deadline for the EU elections approached in Italy yesterday, the police (at this point the microphone was cut off! ) force of your occupation government arrested numerous of Forza Nuova activists, without any justification, in order to stop them submitting the 160,000 signatures which they had successfully collected in order to stand.
"I demand an emergency debate on the way that, first in Greece with Golden Dawn, and now in Italy, the parties opposed to your puppet austerity regimes are imprisoned on blatantly false pretexts. This is denying the people a real, democratic choice.
"If Putin did it, you would scream blue murder. But when it is done by your puppet regimes in EU countries, all we get is jeering from the hypocrites on the left and silence from the cowards on the right.
"How dare you lecture Russia on 'democracy'?"