Saturday, March 29, 2014


The National People’s Front would like to clarify its position concerning the so called incidents that had happened a few days ago at the “ Panos Solomonides” hall.
At the city of Limassol on the 26th of March , the ex-leader of the pseudostate , Mehmet Ali Talaat, was invited by a group of citizens to give a lecture in favour of the bizonal bicomunal solution to the Cypriot problem.
E.LA.M. organized a manifestation of protest because of the presence of Talaat in the territory of Cyprus Republic. The manifestation was peaceful and many citizens participated.

There were no incidents by the members of E.LA.M. Those who were prosecuted, were found innocent by the Court of Limassol because the police gave no evidence and presented false allegations!
We wonder why the police gave permission to armed turkish agents to protect the hall and Talaat!
Moreover, how can a murderer like Talaat, who tortured and killed many Greeks during the turkish invasion of Cyprus, enter into the legal state of Cyprus and not be prosecuted as a criminal of war that he is!
The only incidents that had happened were against the relatives of the missing people that were slaughtered by Talaat and the terrorist turkish organization TMT!
We will show no more tolerance to war criminals like Talaat who hypocritically gives lectures about friendship and understanding among peoples!
Press Release
The National People’s Front – E.LA.M.