Friday, March 7, 2014

E.LA.M stands by the side of Svoboda.

Απάντηση για την σχέση του Ε.ΛΑ.Μ. με τους Ουκρανούς Εθνικιστές του Svoboda

Many Hellenic and Cypriot newspapers have written about the political relation of E.LA.M. to Svoboda.

It is not a great discovery! The National People’s Front had never hidden its relation to a legal political party, which is one of the main and bigger parties in Ukraine with 39 MPs!

E.LA.M. has close connections with the major European Nationalist Movements, which promote the Cypriot issue to millions of European citizens.
We have created a strong net of political parties that will defend Europe, its nations and our common civilization from the entrance of Turkey in the European Community.
We are proud of the visit of two Svoboda’s MP in Cyprus, last summer! They visited the monuments and tombs of our heroes and paid tribute to them! They also held speeches at our offices in Lefcosia and Lemessos.
Things that the local MPs do not do.
E.LA.M. will continue to have political relations to other political parties from Europe but not from Turkey or from the pseudostate of the occupied area of Cyprus, as other Cypriot parties do!
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