Sunday, March 2, 2014

E.LA.M. against the "federal solution"

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On February the 28th, E.LA.M. manifested against the possible, so called “federal bizonal solution” to the Cypriot problem. According to that plan, the Cyprus Republic will be divided to two cantons, one greek and one turkish!
The event took place in Lefcosia opposite the presidential palace due to the support of that plan by the Cypriot president and his government.

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Despina Casapi Andreou
Hundreds of nationalists showed their opposition to the “solution”, attended the speeches of various militants and of the president of E.LA.M, Mr. Christos Christou.
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Panicos Cleovoulou

The cypriot society has already the feeling that E.LA.M. is the only political movement that can defend Hellenism.
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Marios Vasiliou- Member of the political bureau

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Michalis Michael- Member of the political bureau

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Geadis Geadi- Member of the political bureau

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Petros Koundoureshis- Member of the political bureau

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Christos Christou, President of E.LA.M.