Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Power Of The Nationalist

As strange as it might sound to some nationalists, our time is approaching. This is possible not only because of economic conditions, international conditions, etc., but mainly because in defiance of the cowardly war launched against us by the corrupt system of rogues and traitors that dominate our country in recent years, we true nationalists bounce back stronger than before.  The rage provoked in us by the lies and intrigues of our enemies we have transformed into a radical new dynamic for our political struggle.

Those who stand against us are playing their last cards. In perfect harmony, state police, the judicial system, and certain vile and contemptible elites thought that their course of unjust action would demoralize us to the point of giving up our sacred fight and go home. This would’ve worked with anyone else, but never will with a real Golden Dawner.
Illegal imprisonment of our movement’s leaders and the violation of numerous constitutional and human rights are their ploy, all because some malicious yet ignorant gentlemen thought that this would cause us to fall apart and tuck our tails between our legs. Perhaps this witch-hunt and persecution would instill fear in others, but this injustice only makes a Golden Dawner stronger.
Aside from the political persecution, the blood shed by our comrades in the desperate battle for the fate of our Fatherland has propelled us to push harder and more determined than ever.  The murders had the opposite effect the reactionary Leftist triggermen and their government enablers (who have admitted had prior knowledge of a terrorist attack, but somehow could not protect this office or give a warning) hoped for.   Instead, in the name of our brothers, we refuse to take another step back, and march with their souls, who give us momentum to intensify our struggle until total victory.
Do not be surprised if there is another crackdown in the near future, or another state-facilitated terrorist attack.  Despite their failures, these plutocratic machine-men who rule us have a thought process that is shallow and self-indulgent.  They figure that all of us are as base and weak as they are.  They cannot comprehend how it is possible that through all their attacks on us, the banner of the Meandros still flies high in the storm.  
We have a duty to fulfill our sacred destiny in this place, so that once again we can rise and see the Golden Dawn Hellenism.