Monday, February 24, 2014

Greek Business Practice.

By Richard Cley - London Correspondent-When we go shopping we are always on the look out for a bargain.
 A cut price offer here or a "two for the price of one" there and we feel we have got a good deal.
Sometimes, if we are fortunate, we come across a cut-price sale of 50% off, and we thank our lucky stars we decided to go out shopping that day.
It is not often, however, that we come across a bargain basement where everything is half price, every day of the week. If we did find such a place, we would return day in day out, and buy our usual day's shopping there every time we needed something.

In fact, we would tell our family and friends about our good luck in lowering our cost of living, and no doubt, they too would visit this bargain outlet to buy their needs to reduce their living costs as well.
So you would think that if a group of people somewhere else in some other circumstance found a way of living that was cheaper and more friendly than currently practiced methods, the same criteria would apply, wouldn't you? But it is clear that in Greece today this is not the case.
A large group of the Greek population, over two million of them in fact, have found a way of living that costs them almost nothing in taxation. It ensures they are housed safely, not threatened in any way and well fed.
They are happier than before, both basic health care and social services are provided, for very little cost, and everyone who has a problem knows who to ask to sort it out.
The big difficulty for the Greek government and their jumped up EU puppet leader, Samaras, is that all this has been achieved without government help, without the Greek civil service being involved and without Greek government taxation monies being spent. In fact without Samaras' involvement in any way.
A few thousand Golden Dawn volunteers, a few hundreds of donations of food, clothing and cash, plus a genuine caring committed organisation and almost a quarter of the Greek people are cared for in totality without the expenditure of one Euro of taxation raised by Samaras' administration.
Just as you would think that the bargain basement half price shop you found would be patronised by all and sundry and the entire world told about it, so too you would think that any honest politician, who had their people's best interests at heart, would shout out about how wonderful it was that looking after a nation for next to nothing was now possible!
But not Samaras, not any EU approved national politician either in Greece or in the rest of Europe, not any economist across the vast expanse of the political map of the European Union.
In fact Samaras, on the instructions of the World Council of Jews and with the connivance of every "elected" politician in Europe, including David Cameron, has arrested and thrown in prison the very people who organised this cost effective and very useful work.
Legally and democratically elected politicians of Golden Dawn have been seized at gunpoint by the Greek Stasi state storm troopers and incarcerated as criminals.
Their crime: Doing what the government are failing to do properly; highlighting the criminally high taxation; and delineating every corrupt politician not only in Greece but throughout the whole of Europe.
Yes, almost every politician in Europe is a criminal, every bureaucrat who openly supports politicians are criminals, and all the media who peddle the European Union's myths and lies are criminals. They all operate one vast ponzi scheme scam to rip off the general public through excessive unnecessary taxation.
olden Dawn in Greece have just proved this to be the case. And for the great service they have done the European peoples they have been illegally imprisoned.
The British National Party is the only political party in Europe to openly support Golden Dawn, because, quite simply, both of us share the same values. We are only interested in the truth, we both want honesty in national politics and we both know that countries can be run for pennies.
Golden Dawn have irrevocably proved, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the vast taxes all European governments extort from their peoples, are stolen and spent dishonestly by our corrupt dictatorial political elites.
The British National Party and Golden Dawn carry the remaining beacons of hope for the free world.
We will work unceasingly to free the peoples of Europe from the fascist EU tyranny so favoured by the real political criminals epitomised by Samaras and Cameron, who with their lackeys over tax the downtrodden abused European nations.