Sunday, February 9, 2014

Golden Dawn Humanitarian Relief Action For Victims Of Earthquake: 40 Tons Of Aid Delivered

Today the Greek citizens of the island of Cephalonia, in the town of Lixouri, gave a warm welcome to the People’s Nationalist Assembly of Golden Dawn.
40 tons of bottled water and other relief items were delivered, brought by Golden Dawn to the island to help heal the wounds caused by the natural disaster.

Nationalist members of parliament Kasidiari and Barbarousis traveled to the affected areas, the emergency tents erected by the Greek Army, the nursing home, and the hospital temporarily created in the Lixouri gymnasium.
Despite the extreme conditions, the morale of the Greek citizens was high and our delegation was applauded.
Citizens vented anger against the political system that has cast them away, and asked the members of Golden Dawn to increase their vigorous struggle for the civil and human rights of the Hellenic People.
Video material was taken to increase awareness among the Greek people of the situation of the people on the island.
The warm welcome to the Golden Dawn by residents tested hard by the earthquake, was not given to Dendias and politicos of the system, who have shown nothing but indifference to the common people:
Golden Dawn members were applauded, while the sold out politicians cannot set foot in Lixouri without provoking the rage of residents: