Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Incompetence of Dendias

The Greek government continues to raid monasteries searching for the secret Golden Dawn weapons and commandos, all while Leftist para-state groups continue to get away with brazen violence.

The latest antics saw the unloading of 60 Kalashnikov bullets at the home of a German diplomat in Athens. Nobody was killed in the attack, but the fact that this is happening in Greece’s best guarded section of Athens demonstrates the incompetence of the Greek government and what little interest Dendias really has about stopping the Left-wing terrorism spree.  
At this point it is obvious that the case of murder of Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis  in front of the Golden Dawn offices last November have been shelved and there is nobody working on them. It is without a doubt that the cold-blooded, sociopathic killers who murdered two unarmed young men without provocation will certainly kill again.   Yet still, instead of protecting citizens and visitors in Greece, Dendias prefers to use police resources to search for Golden Dawn’s secret tanks and commandos.
The Greek people now understand well how careerist puppet politicians, like Dendias, will continue to sink the nation into poverty, crime, and overall decay. Soon enough, we’ll be sending them all home!